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PROFIBUS- This multidrop technology has been available for a number of years and is particularly suitable in the manufacturing environment. Does not have Control in the field option at present. Particularly favoured in Germany where it was developed. Lots of technical information can be found at this excellent Profibus site.  You have to register to get to it.

Profibus- A comprehensive 44 page technical paper from our valued sponsor Samson Controls.

Fieldbus Wars revisited?  There has been an interesting war of words over the article Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus - A Cost Comparison  by James Powell of Seimens Milltronics. The response by Jim Cahill of Emerson Process Management is a beauty! 

The following papers are from
Why use a fieldbus?- This article details the advantages of using a fieldbus system - also available as an MP3 file 
PROFIBUS PA vs. Foundation Fieldbus - a cost comparison, also available as an MP3 file.
A Guide to Troubleshooting PROFIBUS PA Networks -A systematic approach makes network set-up and trouble-shooting easy - James Powell
The Value Proposition of PROFIBUS in the Hybrid Industries -This ARC Advisory Group white paper shows the benefits of PROFIBUS in the process industries. And almost all process industries have a discrete need as well, hence are hybrid.
PROFINET: An All-Encompassing Industrial Ethernet Solution - ARC presents an overview of PROFINET and some application stories.
Tool Calling Interface. Device tools perform user functions such as parameterization and diagnostics directly from the automation-system engineering tool. Device tools are based on a Tool Calling Interface (TCI).

Profibus Training
The PTO and PROFI Interface Centre
- one-day training classes throughout North America . There are three different curricula covering  PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS in the process industry, and PROFINET

The PROFIBUS and PROFINET community group blog discusses many aspects of the technology.

MinutePROFINET YouTube Channel - A new YouTube channel has been created by PI North America called MinutePROFINET. It describes features of PROFINET through short ~60 sec videos. As the series progresses, expect more technical aspects of the technology to be helpfully explained. Check out the first two, and subscribe: click here.

More PROFINET Videos - Sometimes one minute is not enough to find out about PROFINET. For those occasions, try some more detailed videos from the PROFI Interface Center, featuring Hunter Harrington.