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Company Information:

Name:              ProDetec Pty Ltd

ABN:                79 105 939 642

Head Office:     ProDetec Pty Ltd, Unit 17 -38 Powers Road, Seven Hills, NSW 2147, Australia

Postal:             PO Box 6285, Parramatta, BC, NSW 2150, Australia

Ph:                   +61 (0)2 9620 8700

Fax:                 +61 (0)2 9620 8755



Contact:           Buddy Barakat – General Manager

Direct:              0433 134 988


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Name:              Angela Mosley – Sales Manager

Direct:              0433 175 106


Additional Contacts (2):

Name:              Belinda Rahme – Office Manager

Direct:              02 9788 0777


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Name:              Artur Bauer - Service Engineer

Direct:              02 9788 0777

Mobile:             0415 173 703


Branch Offices:

Melbourne:      PO BOX 496 Black Rock VIC 3193
Phone/Fax:      03 9589 3256

Phone:             08 9368 2875
Mobile:            0410 493 312      

Company Profile

ProDetec is an Engineering Sales and Service company providing innovating reliable solutions to the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Water Treatment and other industries in Australia and New Zealand.

ProDetec Fire & Gas Division can offer our customers complete detection & suppression solutions for the most difficult and challenging of applications.

Our Explosion Prevention & Suppression package for Hazardous & Explosive dust comprises state of the art technologies and systems from around the world however with local approvals and a huge number of local installations.

We are also able to offer extensive specialist knowledge of hazardous environment CCTV security systems that provides production monitoring and security tool to effectively protect plants and equipment.

Our Water Quality and Oily Water analysers provide real time information on oil droplet size, solid particle size, ppm oil concentration and solids concentration in a single package for both offshore and onshore installations.

Our field devices and control equipment are of the highest quality and meet various stringent industry standards (SAA, IEC EX, ATEX, TάV, etc).

ProDetec Engineers and key sales personnel have over 30 years of combined experience in supplying instrumentation and systems. We add value with quality, knowledgeable assistance upfront and continued after sales service whenever needed.

We offer service and after sales support from either our workshop in Sydney or visiting your site by one of our factory trained and accredited service engineers.

Our principals and suppliers are leaders in their industries which enables us to offer technologies with unique features and characteristics: 
o Simrad Optronics – Norway
o Oldham – France
o Grovely Detection – UK
o Firefly – Sweden
o StuvEx – Belgium
o Jorin – UK
o Technor - Norway
o Water Mist Engineering – Norway
o Autroncia - Norway

Product List

Simrad Gas Detection
• GD10P Point IR Combustible & CO2 Detection
• GD10P Multi Gas (detects groups of HC gases without any recalibration)
• GD10PE Point IR Extended - (5 times more sensitive –ideal for HVAC & Air Intake applications)
• GD10L Open Path IR Gas Detection
• GDU Acoustic Gas Detection

Portable, Mobile & Fixed Gas Detection
• Single or Multiple Gas Detection
• Disposable type
• Precalibrated Cells
• Mobile Gas Detection Stations for hot work permits
• Available for the following gases:O2 CO H2S NO2 SO2 Cl2 H2 HCl HCN HF NH3 O3 PH3 ClO2 SiH4 COCl2 AsH3 CH4 H2 NH3

Fire Detection
• Triple/Multispectrum IR Optical Flame Detection
• Enhanced UV/IR, UV only, IR Only
• High Temp Flame Detection (+125C)
• CCTV Flame Detection
• Test Lamps & Fire Simulators
• Smoke & Heat Detectors

Fire & Gas Detection Systems & Controllers
• Addressable & Conventional F&G Systems (SIL2/SIL3)
• F&G Panels
• Single and Multi-Channel Controllers
• GasWeb – Multiplexer Gas Monitoring Systems.

Gas Aspirator Systems
• Sampling Systems (negative pressure)
    Standard Aspirator
    Pump Driven Aspirator
    With Self Compensating Duct Probes
    With Auto-Drains
• Sampling Systems (positive pressure)
Analyser Type

Water Mist & Suppression Systems.
• Water Mist Systems
• Stationary Powder and Foam
• Deluge & Sprinkler Nozzles
• Foam Systems
• Gaseous Systems,
• Monitors & Hydrants
• Fire Extinguishers for offshore use
• Powder, CO2, Water/Foam Extinguishers

CCTV Cameras for Hazardous Areas
• Thermal Camera Stations (imaging in total darkness, smoke or fog. Intruder detection)
• Camera Station & Systems (Exd & Marine)
• Pendant Camera Stations (Exd & Marine)
• Switchers capable of handling the largest and most demanding video matrix requirements

Enclosures, HMI & Accessories for Exd Areas
• Sirens, Horns, Beacons and Manual Call Points
• Explosion Proof Enclosures (316SS & GRP)
• Ex i graphical terminals for use with PLC
• Ex d industrial PC
• Intrinsically Safe Keyboard & Mouse or mousepad

Fire & Hot Ember Detection for Hazardous Dust
• IR detectors Spark, Hot Body and Flame detection in ducting from Temperatures as low as 150ΊC
• Flame detection for open area and inside cabinetry e.g.log saws, moulders etc
• Extinguishing including high pressure water, water mist, steam, fast acting isolation valves, inert gas.

Explosion Prevention & Suppression
• Explosion Suppression Systems
• Ignition source detection
• Earthing & Grounding Systems
• CO & high temp monitoring systems for early detection
• Explosion Vents & Barriers
• Electrostatic Charging & Discharging

Water Quality & Oily Water Monitoring

• On line process analysers (fixed & portable) - local or remote reading – Atex certified – measuring:
o Hydrocarbon Concentration (up to 2500 ppm)
o Hydrocarbon Drop Size Distribution
o Solid Particle Concentration
o Solid Particle Size Distribution

Special Cables & Accessories
• Range of offshore cables resistant to oil, mud & fire
• Flexible Offshore Cables: Flame Retardant, FireResistant, Halogen-free & Mud-resistant.
• 600V & 2000V Oil Rig & Commercial Marine Cables
• Cables capable of continuous performance at 125ΊC
• Cables with outstanding resistance to abrasion, cutthrough, low & high temperatures, petrochemical fluids,etc.

Our Detection Systems and field devices are widely used across Australia and New Zealand  by the major operators. We always get repeat business from existing customers which indicates the high quality and reliability of our systems and equipment.  ProDetec have a very impressive reference list and details can be made available upon request. You will find below a list of some of the recent projects that we were involved with (in alphabetical order):

Agility Gas Detection Systems at various sites
Air Liquide Toxic & O2 monitoring systems at various sites (100+)
Auspine Fire Prevention Systems
BassGas Project Fire & Gas Detection on Yolla Platform & Lang Lang Plant
Caltex Refineries (NSW & Qld) Gas Detection - Clean Fuels Project
Carter Holt Harvey Various Fire Prevention Systems
CLOUGH Engineering Various F&G Projects
CSL Upgrade Flame Detection System to IECEx
DongWah NZ Various Fire Prevention Systems at the Gore Plant in NZ
Enerflex - Gas Drive Systems Various Gas Detection Systems
Esso Barracouta; Snapper; King Fish; Bream and various other installations including Esso Longford Plant and other installations
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Various Fire Prevention Systems
Japan Vietnam Petroleum Co. Ltd Various Gas Detection Application
Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) Gas & Warning Systems for Offshore Oil & gas installations
Kimberly Clark Various Fire Protection Systems
Laminex Two very large protection systems
Oil Search - PNG Gas Detection System
OMV (NZ) F&G Package at Maari Welhead Platform
Origin Energy Spring Gully Phase I (2004) & II (2006) - F&G Monitoring & Detection
Phillip Morris Limited Fire Prevention Systems
Process Design & Fabrication (PDF) Methanol Detection System-Barnawatha Biodiesel Plant 
Qenos replacement of all catalytic gas detectors
Qld Nickel Industries (QNI) Various Gas Detection including Yabulu Gas Conversion Project
Queensland Transport Tunnel Gas Detection Project 
Santos Ballera Fields and various other installations
SCA Hygenes Australasia Various Fire Prevention Systems
Solar Turbines Various Gas Detection Projects
Woodside Angell, NRA; Goodwyn; Cossack Pioneer; and other installations
WorleyParsons Flammable & H2S Detection - Offshore Drill Rig