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Since 1911, Austral Engineering Supplies has earned an Australia-wide reputation for engineering excellence. We are leading importers and manufacturers of a wide range of products - principally high quality valves and instruments - serving virtually every industry in which liquids or gases are controlled or measured.

Our experienced Technical Support Teams will ensure you get the right product for your specific application... and every Austral Valve is designed and manufactured to the relevant Australian or accepted Industry Standard.

We provide NATA accredited Valve and Instrument testing and an overhaul and repair service, supporting all of our products. We have experience in site shutdowns as well as site surveys, field service and on-site testing, installation and commissioning.


Austral's instrument products support your selection, installation and maintenance of the most cost-effective instrumentation for control & measurement of liquids or gases.

Pressure and Differential Pressure Gauges, switches and transmitters for industrial processes from "H20 to 720,000 kPa, also precision pressure instruments for laboratory and test & calibration. Diaphragm/Chemical seal manufacture. Differential Pressure Gauges. Pressure and differential transmitters including "Smart" instruments with Australian hazardous area approvals and MOORE 345 SAFETY CRITICAL Transmitter - SAA / TUV approved. NATA Accredited for Pressure Calibration. Austral local assembles pressure and differential pressure switches include SAA approvals for use in hazardous areas.
Brands: Ashcroft, Austral, Meriam, Heise and Moore Products

Gauges, switches, thermocouples, RTDs and thermowells. Temperature transmitters including "Smart" instruments with Australian hazardous area approvals. Austral local assembles temperature switches include SAA approvals for use in hazardous areas.
Brands: Ashcroft, FICO and Moore Products

Level and flow transmitters and switches, using a range of technologies - ultrasonic, capacitance, displacer and float, thermal dispersion and guided wave radar. Bulk Storage tank level Gauging and control using: float, displacer, servo and radar detection. Pneumatic electronic control. Storage tank inventory management and gauging systems for tank farms or depots
Brands: Magnetrol, Masoneilan and L & J Technologies, AFRISO

Flow transmitters, switches and indicators, Thermal Dispersion, Fluidic Flowmeters, "Accutube" pitot tube flow sensors, and laminar flow elements, for accurate, repeatable, cost effective flow sensing for gases, liquids and steam.
Brands: Magnetrol, Meriam, and Moore Products


Multi-loop process controllers, pneumatic instrumentation and valve positioners, including SMART Digital Positioners and regulators.
Brands: Ashcroft, FICO and Moore Products, Masoneilan.


Our large range of stock - both locally manufactured and imported - provide you with a single source for:

Safety and Relief






Steam parallel Slide



Pump Re-circulating Valves

De-superheating Equipment

Electric and Pneumatic Actuators




Valve materials to meet all applications including copper alloy, bronze, cast iron, carbon and alloy steels, stainless steel, titanium, duplex and high molybdenum stainless. Austral manufacture safety and relief valves which fully comply with AS 1271, API and ASME Codes and ISO 9002 Accredited.

We MANUFACTURE valves which fully comply with AS1271, API and ASME codes. The range includes thermal relief, boiler safety, conventional or bellows design, pilot operated, plus pressure, vacuum and pressure & vacuum relief valves for bulk storage tanks. We have our own repair & testing centre, which is QA, accredited.
Brands: Consolidated (Dresser) and Shand & Jurs

A full range of control valves - Globe, Rotary disk, Butterfly and Ball to suit virtually any fluid control application. Flow coefficients from as low as 0.0016Cv are available along with one of the most comprehensive materials options - including composites. Full range of Accessories including HART Smart Digital Positioners.
Brands: Masoneilan, HORA, Nilcor

From 8nb to 900nb. Fire-safe, floating ball and trunnion mount for pipelines and SUBSEA applications - Shell approvals.
Bronze, carbon & stainless steels, composites, and special alloys.
Nil-Cor Advanced Composite Valves for the ultimate in corrosion protection.
Brands: Austral, Nil-Cor, Toyo and Pibiviesse.

From 50nb to 600nb. General-purpose soft seated, and High Performance metal seated. Most services including A.G.A. approval. Pneumatic or electric actuation. Composite materials for corrosive/abrasive duties.
Brands: Austral and Nil-Cor

A full range of Flame and Detonation arresters, emergency vents and gauge hatches have application in petrochemical industry. As well, Shand & Jurs WASTE HANDLING equipment for use in anaerobic digesters and municipal landfill gas collection systems are available.
Brands: Shand & Jurs.

General Y-type and basket strainers, Bronze and Cast Iron
Brands: Austral

Wedge gate and parallel slide designs. From bronze to alloy steels, from water to high-pressure steam duties, from 15nb to 600nb.
Brands: Austral, Dewrance, Promet, Rona and Toyo (AS1628)

Swing, wafer, tilting disc and lift types. Ranging from industrial to power generation.
Brands: Austral, Dewrance, Nil-Cor, HP, Promet, Rona and Toyo.

Metallic bellows, fabric and rubber joints for all applications.
Brands: Austral

From Bronze to Alloy steels, water to high pressure steam duties, straight and Y-pattern, including needle valves and Manifolds for instrument isolation.
Brands: Austral, Dewrance, BADOTHERM, HP, Promet and Toyo

Smart positioners for Control and On-Off Valves
Brands: Masoneilan and ABB

Regulation of pressure and/or temperature using self-acting valves. Pump protection applications where minimum flows must be maintained.
Masoneilan , Jordan , Schroedahl, Carraro, Grove, Mooney and Becker.
Carraro manufacture Regulators for Steam, Water, Gas and Air up to 1500# ANSI Class, and 20 NB. The other listed Manufacturers specialize in Gas Regulators for High Pressure Applications (LO-DB trims), Anti-surge and Compressor Stations.

Asco Joucomatic industrial solenoid valves.


In addition to ISO 9002 manufacture of safety and relief valves, our valve facility provides a complete service support for our range of manufactured and imported valve products. We specialise in safety, relief and control valves and repair all brands and types of valves. We have experience in plant shutdowns as well as site surveys, field service, installation and commissioning. FIELD SERVICE including ON-SITE TESTING for Relief and Safety Valves, Control Valves and Positioners.

We are NATA Accredited (Laboratory No.9798) for relief valve testing and repair.

Our repair & testing capabilities include a NATA Pressure Calibration Laboratory, and we manufacture, fit, fill and test diaphragm seals to most pressure gauges, transmitters and switches. Temperature controllers complement our own range of Australian manufactured temperature sensors

CALIBRATION - Correct calibration of instruments used in production processes assures that they are accurate and contribute to quality assurance. Austral offers high technical and professional standards of NATA traceable calibration services for pressure gauges, transmitters, switches and recorders. We are also NATA accredited (laboratory No.9798) for pressure calibration.

REPAIR - All work is carried out by qualified personnel experienced in providing efficient service and repair for a wide variety of instrumentation. Our repair facilities allow for the repair of most industrial pressure and temperature instrumentation.