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To Convert From... GRAMS PER CUBIC CENTIMETRE (g/cm3)
To... Multiply by...
Kg/ m3 1000
lb/ ft 3 62.4280
Ib/ in3 0.0361273
Ib/Ukgal 10.0224
Ukton/yd3 0.752480

To Convert From... KILOGRAMS PER CUBIC METRE (kg/m3)
To... Multiply by...
g/ cm3 0.001
lb/ ft 3 6.24280x 10-2
lb/in3 3.61273x 10-5
Ib/UKgal 1.00224x 10-2
Ukton/ yd3 7.52480x 10-4

To Convert From... POUNDS PER CUBIC FOOT (lb/ft 3)
To... Multiply by...
g/cm3 0.0160185
kg/ m3 16.0185
Ib/in3 5.78704x 10-4
Ib/UKgal 0.160544
Ukton/yd3 0.0120536

To Convert From... POUNDS PER CUBIC INCH (Ib/in3)
To... Multiply by...
g/cm3 27.6799
kg/m3 27679.9
lb/ft3 1728
Ib/UKgal 277.420
Ukton/yd3 20.8286

To Convert From... POUNDS PER UK GALLON (lb/UKgal)
To... Multiply by...
g/cm3 0.0997763
kg/m3 99.7763
lb/ft3 6.22883
Ib/in3 3.60465x 10-3
Ukton/yd3 0.0750797

To Convert From... TONS PER CUBIC YARD (Ukton/yd3 )
To... Multiply by...
g/cm3 1.32894
kg/m3 1328.94
lb/ft3 82.9630
Ib/in3 0.048011
Lb/UKgal 13.3192