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Instrument Fittings Technical Data

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Technical Instrument Fitting Information from Hoke

Gyrolok® Tube Fittings

Gyrolok® Tube Fittings - The Gyrolok tube fitting catalogue has heaps of information on instrument fittings including; Gyrolok Features & Benefits, Gyrolok Design, Pipe Thread Information, SAE Fittings Information, Gyrolok Fitting Dimensional & Application Tables, Replacement Parts, Dielectric Fittings,  Chromatography Fittings Tools and Accessories and RS Bonded Seals

The HOKE Gyrolok Design - HOKE Gyrolok® Tube Fittings have been carefully designed and manufactured to provide a wide range of outstanding leak-tight application capabilities, this bulletin details the features.

Video - Gyrolok® Features and Benefits - This video details the extensive features - from UTube.

Interchangeability of Instrument Fittings

The Issue of Interchangeability - Gyrolok tube fittings are designed to be interchangeable. Hoke guarantees the functional Interchangeability of HOKE Gyrolok® fittings with similar fittings of certain other manufacturers, including Swagelok®, Parker A-LOK®, and Parker CPI™.

Instrument Fittings and Valves Engineering Data

Engineering Data pertinent to Instrument Fittings and Valves - A very useful document which Includes Definitions, Liquid Flow Cv Equation, Gas Flow Cv Equation - Subsonic Flow, Chemical Resistance Chart, Industrial - Aerospace and  Military Fluids, Technical and Special Properties of commonly used 'O' Rings, Conversions, Comparison of Leakage Rates in Various Units, Typical Specific Gravities and Specific Inherent Hazards on Oxygen Service.

Circle Seal Controls Corrosion Resistance Guide - This is a very useful tool.

Installation and Assembly of Instrument Fittings

UPDATED 2015 ISSUE! Fitting Installation Manual - This pocket Ebook is just the "Instrument Fittings Bees Knees" - full of fantastic information on Pipe Threads - Straight and Taper, Thread Tape and its Application, The Pipe vs. Tubing Decision, Tubing – Advantages / Variables / Derating / Care and Handling / Bending  / Bending Information Charts - HOKE Gyrolok Assembly Instructions  / Sizes 1˝, 25mm and Smaller / Sizes 1¼˝, 28mm and Larger 31 / All Sizes / Installation Aids / HOKE Safety Check List and lots more!

Video - Approved Methods for Gyrolok Initial Assembly and Remake - This excellent Gyrolok Installation Training video is a "must view" prior to attempting to install or remake Gyrolok Instrument Fittings. 

Gyrolok Installation Instructions - Assembly - Initial setting of ferrules onto tubing or tube stub-ended fittings. 

Hoke Gyrolok® Safety Instructions - These instructions on page 56 of this document are a must when designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining Hoke Gyrolok® fittings.

Checking for Leaks in an Instrument Tubing and Fitting Assembly

Checking for Fitting Leaks? - "Leak-Check" is utilised to detect leaks in compressed air/gases. It  is non-toxic, non-corrosive and a non-flammable liquid which is effective over a wide temperature range from 0 to 76°C. It can detect the smallest of leaks in any compressed air, gas or oxygen systems undergoing pressure testing. The scientifically formulated liquid can check for escaping gases in piping, inflated equipment.

Insulated Dielectric Instrument Tube Fittings for Cathodic Protection Systems

Need an Insulated Fitting Solution in a Cathodic Protection System? - See page 47 - These dielectric tube fittings are for use in applications where electrical current flowing through a pipe or tube line must be interrupted to protect vital instrumentation and metering equipment. Commonly used in the Natural Gas Transmission industry, the dielectric fitting will prevent current flow resulting from Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems, static electricity or even lightning strikes, from reaching sensitive monitoring station equipment.

Instrument Fittings and Tubing Tools and Accessories

Hydraulic Pre-setting Tool - For Safe, Simple, and Cost-effective Assembly of Larger Fittings - Larger tube fittings often require more eff ort to assemble properly than can be consistently achieved using hand wrenches. HOKE offers a portable Hydraulic Pre-setting Tool to make the assembly of larger fittings safer, simpler and more cost efficient.

Gyrolok® Tools and Accessories - The Gyrogage and presetting tools detailed on page 50 are really useful tools for ensuring correct makeup of Gyrolok® fittings. 

Instrument Fittings and Tubing Training

Training and Engineering Support - HOKE offers extensive training designed to ensure that your craftspeople thoroughly understand how a HOKE Gyrolok® fitting functions. By teaching proper tubing preparation and installation procedures, maximum performance is assured. Ask your HOKE distributor for details regarding HOKE's valve and fitting installation workshop and additional support materials. Contact HOKE here.

Instrument Tubing Data Charts

Stainless Steel Tube - Covering Seamless Stainless Steel Tube in  Duplex, Monel, PVC sheathed copper tube and exotic metals. This technical article includes important subjects such as Ferrule hardness, 2.5% Minimum Molybdenum, Pickled & Passivated vs. Bright Annealed Tubing along with weights and working pressures 

Hoke Gyrolok® Tubing Data Charts - These charts are very useful and contain information on design, type of tubing, tubing preparation, calculating Yield, Burst, and Maximum Allowable Working Pressures, Maximum Allowable Stress Values for Material at Various Temperatures, Stainless Steel Calculation Factor Tables, Maximum Working/Burst Pressures and Tubing Tolerances.

Pipe and Tube - Lots of very useful information here including descriptions on seamless and welded, common pipe and tube terms, manufacturing methods, nominal working pressures, pipe dimensions and weights, tube weights and working pressures. 

Useful Facts About Stainless Steel - This technical data sheet is full of useful facts and information about stainless steel.

Selection of Materials - This very useful table gives the composition of the various materials used such as 304SS and 316SS etc. 

Steel Terms and Definitions - A very useful table full of terms and descriptions.

Precision Instrument Pipe Fittings

Hoke Precision Instrument Pipe Fittings  - Looking for a high precision fitting manufactured with high quality NPT threads? 

HOKE Gyrolok® Flanges - These Flanges are an excellent way of increasing your plant integrity. Gyrolok® flanges provide a simple, safe interface between pipe flanges and instrument fittings, eliminating the need for pipe threading or welding.

Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Stainless Steel Ball Valves - Ensuring safety is paramount and is achieved with high quality threads and materials of construction. This range of valves are of the highest quality in the market!!

10,000 psi Fittings

10,000psi Fittings Specification - This specification covers 10,000 PSI working pressure screwed pipe fittings and covers subjects such as standards, materials, design criteria, threads and tolerances, Marking and Certification.

Thread Tape and Paste for Instrument Fittings

Thread Tape and Paste - This is an essential component when installing Instrument fittings, it helps prevent galling and also assists with the "seal". It should be noted that there are different grades for various services, typically silver for Stainless Steel, yellow for gas applications by utilities and white for general plumbing. Thread Paste is a general purpose instant sealer for tapered and straight/tapered fittings.

Instrument Fittings Useful Information

  Fittings and Small Bore Tubing Systems - Handbook 

This superb 72 page document from the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association covers most engineering aspects of small bore tubing and fittings. 

Unit Conversions for Fittings Applications - Some useful conversions

Other data can be found at , some valuable technical information can be found here.

Tube and Tube Fittings - This open source book Lessons in Industrial Instrumentation by Tony R. Kuphaldt has a useful section on instrument connections has a useful section on Instrument Tube Fittings – go to page 573. This is a fantastic resource but be prepared for the 50Mbit download!

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Instrument and Piping Fitting Gauging

The following excellent links are compliments of Glastonbury Southern Gage.

Understanding GO/NO GO Gauges - (Fixed Limit Gauging) - One of the most frequent questions that we are asked at  is, "how do I choose a plug gauge for my measurement application." Therefore I put together this document to help you understand the concept of fixed limit gauging. From A.A. Jansson.

Great technical information on other products from our sponsors PROCHEM PIPELINE PRODUCTS

INSTRUMENTATION  - Includes information on; 

HYDRAULIC- Includes information on; 

VALVES AND ACTUATORS - Includes information on;

MANUFACTURING - Includes information on; 

PIPING PRODUCTS- Includes information on; 


Welded Duplex Tube - Welded Duplex Tube to: ASTM SA789/A789 UNS S31803/S32205.
Y-Type Strainer

Other Useful Fitting Information

The following technical links are available via Swagelok