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Specialist Oil and Gas Valves

Looking for or have a question about Specialist Oil and Gas Valves?   Prochem  has the answers - Contact them here.

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BSM Valves is a specialist manufacturer of valves for the petrochemical industries and onshore and offshore oil and gas industries. In these industries, valves are exposed to some of the most extreme conditions imaginable. Corrosive and erosive environments and extremely high and low temperatures for example, require tough equipment, tough materials and tight tolerances. BSM Valves is one of the world's most important fast-track valve producers. At their state-of-the-art production facilities in Breda, The Netherlands, BSM manufacture hard to obtain valves in a wide range of exotic materials. BSM's valves are made to order and to tight specifications, and the company is specialised in working from custom-made designs, producing high-quality valves, quickly and efficiently. BSM's dedicated and experienced team works hard to provide customers with specialty valves to suit even the most extreme conditions. They pride themselves in their ability to offer tailor-made valves with short lead times. To make this happen, they maintain fast and effective communication with customers, use the latest in design and manufacturing technologies and dedicate themselves to innovation and product development. BSM currently manufacture Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Through Conduit, Globe Valves, Needle Valves, Check Valves, Strainers, Specialty Fittings and Flanges

Prochem Specialist Valving Solutions - If you need a Specialist Oil and Gas Valve Urgently then Prochem can help you. Speciality valves are all manufactured from bar or forgings in BSM's state-of-the-art production facilities. With the newest equipment  BSM can guarantee the highest quality and the shortest of lead times.

The Forgotten Valves - Problem: Replacement of 2 pieces 12”-900 LBS Swing Check Valves, Renewable Seat, Hard facing on both Disc and Seat, BW ends in F316 material. High pressure (Nitrogen) gas test required with zero leakage. This is a typical example of how a Specialist Offshore Valve is produced and delivered in just 2 weeks.

Quality Valves Worldwide in Weeks - During scheduled maintenance on a new diesel line at an oil refinery in Scandinavia in the summer of 2007, problems involving the contamination of head exchangers had been discovered in a number of valves. In addition to this 500 faulty valves were discovered, meaning that routine maintenance now needed large-scale repairs. Limiting shut-down time was essential. Operations at the refinery were due to go back online and over one hundred metal-seated ball valves were still urgently needed.

AMPO Poyam Valves was established in 1964 in an area with a deeply-rooted industrial tradition, is dedicated to the production of high-quality gate, globe, check, angle, plug and ball valves in a wide variety of materials, such as carbon steel, low alloys, stainless steel and special alloys (monel, duplex, alloy 20, inconel, incoloy, etc.). Poyam valves are designed and manufactured to withstand the extreme working conditions to which they are exposed in the most highly-specialized markets, such as gas, oil, onshore/offshore petro-chemical , aluminium refining, power plants etc.

Oil and Gas Cryogenic Ball, Gate, Globe and Check Valves

Cryogenic Service Ball Valve

Cryogenic Service Gate Valve

Cryogenic Service Globe Valve

Cryogenic Service Check Valve

11.13 Cryogenic Valves for LNG and LPG Applications - Cryogenic valves are used extensively  in LNG and LPG terminals and Marine Tankers.  Applications include LNG and LPG production trains, gas chambers, transportation pipelines, liquefaction, carrier vessels, FPSO’s, regasification terminals, peak saving plants, storage tanks etc.

Oil and Gas General Service Valves

General Service Ball Valve

Oil and Gas High Pressure Valves

Jacketed Gate Valves

Pressure Seal Bonnet Gate Valves

Bolted Bonnet Gate Valves

Pacson Valves is a key supplier of high integrity valves to the world Oil & Gas market. The company is a leading developer of valves for severe service and highly critical applications. Pacson prides themselves on the quality of their products and services. With total in-house capability for the design and manufacture of surface and sub-sea valves and pressure control products up to 16 inch / 400 mm bore, or up to 25,000 psi working pressure.

Oil and Gas High Integrity Valves for Critical Applications

Prochem Specialist Valving Solutions - If you need a Specialist Oil and Gas Valve Urgently then Prochem can help you. World leading onshore and offshore valve applications are detailed in this technical overview.

Ball Valves Single Isolation and Double Block and Bleed

Gate Valves

Needle Valves - Single Operation and Double Block and Bleed

Check Valves - Swing and In-Line Piston

Primary Isolation Double Block and Bleed Valves 

Primary isolation double block and bleed valves - Primary isolation double block and bleed valves meet both instrument and piping engineers’ specifications, offering significant savings on space, weight, installation and cost. Suitable for line isolation, sample connectors and chemical injection service.

Technical Reference on Primary Isolation Valves - This comprehensive Technical reference from Anderson and Greenwood gives excellent information on;

Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Monoflanges - Comprehensive Information from Anderson and Greenwood

Close Coupled Monoflanges - This design incorporates all the integrity features of the convention models, however adds even more safety and cost saving features. The design eliminates the requirement for instrument tube, fittings and threaded connections. Mono Flange Direct, can be provided in a direct mount version or a interface mounting plate can be facilitated if required.

11.13 “Close Coupled” Manifold and Isolation Valve Mounting System for Direct Mounting DP Transmitters - These systems overcome the problem associated with traditional impulse line connects on transmitter/manifold installations. Remote mounted DP transmitter/manifold installations with impulse lines were first used over 50 years ago to allow technician’s access to transmitters that required regular calibration and continuous maintenance. With the advent of ‘Smart HART and Fieldbus Technologies’ along with highly accurate, reliable transmitters less maintenance, and longer periods between calibration is required. Hence transmitters can be located right at the impulse points with all the associated advantages of this advanced engineering concept.