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Welcome to ICENews - ICENews is the informative, original and exciting newsletter produced and distributed by ICEWeb, the site for information on Instrumentation, Control and Fire and Gas engineering. 

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The Final Edition - February 2014

An Important Message From ICEnews

Not many of you will be aware that ICEweb and ICEnews are produced as a free engineering resource for our Wonderful Automation Discipline by myself as a “one man band” on a Semi Retired Basis. Unfortunately the volume of work has been growing owing to the demands caused by Search Engine Optimisation, Maintaining 250 odd pages, adding new ones and a longer term project of changing the format from FrontPage to an alternative. The small mount of revenue that comes in from ICEweb page sponsorship just about pays for the costs associated with running the site, however this does not particularly concern me as the site was always about “giving back”. Thus I am afraid something “has to give” and hence I have decided that ICEnews will no longer be issued quarterly. The only way that it can continue is by unpaid volunteer effort, so if you are a retired Instrument Engineer looking for a challenge and like me interested in "giving back" please contact me. Notwithstanding this I am considering replacing ICEnews with a blog. I must thank all the Sponsors over the years and of course YOU... The Readers, for your support over the past 10 years.  ICEweb will continue as normal...Jim Russell


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