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ICEart - Technical articles related to instrumentation and control

Exd Flanged Immersion Heaters with IEC Certification -Over the years it has been difficult to source Exd Certified immersion heaters and often this has led to a certification nightmare for those engineers responsible for the associated equipment packages. At last industry now has a choice when it comes to ensuring that their hazardous area electrical heating requirements are met. Until now the only option has been to import equipment from the UK , or to continue using equipment not fully complying with current flameproof requirements.

K-TEK have announced the KSONIK MICRO, a compact, low cost, ultrasonic level transmitter/switch designed for liquid and bulk solids level applications. The KSONIK MICRO features Variable GAP technology that allows the instrument to work even in the presence of dust, vapour, or foam. Variable GAP technology also provides the narrowest beam angle in the industry, less than four degrees; this allows the transmitter to make accurate measurements in narrow vessels. More details can be found here.

McCrometer has announced the appointment of petroleum industry specialists ABLE Instruments & Controls, Reading, UK, as its new manufacturers’ representative serving the oil/gas, including subsea flow metering applications, and process industries in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and aiding sales into the North Sea region countries. More details can be found here.

Pilz Automation Technology is introducing two new modules in the PNOZsigma range of slimline safety relays to enable the number of contacts to be expanded considerably, thereby offering the potential for considerable savings in cost and space compared with traditional safety relays. More details can be found here.

Pilz Australia have launched their PSENvip press brake solution - The new, camera-based protection and measuring system PSENvip uses an innovative optical system, parallel vision to monitor the whole bending process, enabling the operator to work more productively in complete safety.

2008 will see the introduction of safe 3D vision with SafetyEYE from Pilz being released. But just what is safe vision and what are the advantages of using such a system? Unlike conventional opto-electronic devices such as light curtains or laser scanners, a safe vision system can monitor multiple areas and detect foreign objects (such as a finger, leg etc.) within the viewing area, rather than detecting that a "light beam” has been interrupted.

PNOZmulti is now the first PNOZ safety relay to monitor analogue input signals safely, such as current or voltage. In the field of safety technology this has previously only been possible using programmable control systems. Used in conjunction with the analogue input module PNOZ ma1p, PNOZmulti is suitable for use in the process engineering sector, as well as for cable car and chair lift design and burner controls.

Free Guide to Thermocouple and Resistance Thermometry - TC Measurement and Control have issued an outstanding and practical international reference work on Thermocouple and Resistance Thermometry. This free 72 page wall chart includes an illustrated 37,000 word explanation on the theory of temperature measurement, extensive application data international reference tables and tolerances, international colour codes and international standards. Go on the flag link for your local area and please let them know that you heard of this through ICEnews.

Emerson Process Management have announced two new versions of its Rosemount Analytical® Model 1056 analyzer. The new Model 1056-HT and 1056-DP 4-wire, dual-input analyzers include complete HART and PROFIBUS DP digital communications capability for full operations and maintenance advantages in plants using the digital protocols. The HART-enabled analyzer allows remote calibration, continuous monitoring of four live process variables and configuration from Emerson's AMS® Suite or DeltaV™ host application, legacy DCS, or SCADA system. The full complement of diagnostics allows plants to estimate the life of in-process sensors and perform required maintenance on a timely basis. The Model 1056 is a multiparameter instrument allowing single or dual inputs in any combination of pH/ORP/ISE, resistivity/conductivity, percent concentration, chlorine, oxygen, ozone, temperature, turbidity, pulse flow and 4-20mA current input. The instrument has a large display and intuitive menu screens with advanced diagnostics and help screens. The device is extremely easy to use. Ease of installation is facilitated by modular boards, removable connectors, and easy-to-wire power, sensors and analog outputs. Seven languages for user menus are included with every analyzer.

Emerson Process Management has unveiled its new IntrinzX™ intrinsically linear photometric technology in the company's latest release of X-STREAM® Process Gas Analyzers. The photometric technology provides high-sensitivity, large dynamic ranges, and long-term span stability. The patent-pending IntrinzX technology uses split cell dual beam photometry and constant comparison of the reference signal and measurement signal to achieve an intrinsically linear response to changes in concentration.   X-STREAM analyzers utilize Rosemount Analytical infrared, ultraviolet and visible (NDIR/UV/UVS) photometry, paramagnetic and electrochemical oxygen, and thermal conductivity sensor technologies. 

Emerson Process Management have introduced the Rosemount Analytical Model 410VP four-electrode conductivity sensor, the latest addition to the PUR-Sense family of sensors for the life sciences and food and beverage industries. The wide dynamic range of the sensor (1 uS/cm to 1400 mS/cm), makes it ideal for clean-in-place (CIP) monitoring. Instead of two sensors, one to measure the high conductivity cleaning solution and the other to measure the low conductivity rinse water, a single Model 410VP is the first single four-electrode sensor that does the complete CIP conductivity measurement.

Call for Papers - Boiler & Burners Conference: Design, Management and Operation - Perth, Australia - 26th & 27th November 2008 - IDC are still looking for speakers for this prestigious event, to express interest contact - This conference aims to be highly practical so delegates will gain access to the most up-to-date information and practical understanding of the design, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and management of boiler plants. This will include small, medium and large sized boilers.  The focus will be on boiler selection, safety and legal obligations and there will be an additional focus on the nuts and bolts of boiler design. This conference is designed for engineers and technicians from a wide range of abilities and backgrounds and will provide an excellent review to troubleshooting, maintenance and the basic design rules of boilers.  

The SMAR TT301 HART Temperature Transmitter has been upgraded to include new features and benefits. The TT301 can now work with two sensors simultaneously (each sensor connected to two wires), providing the minimum, maximum and temperature average from both sensors.

McCrometer have released a new Reverse-Helix Propeller Flow Meter - Water engineers and technicians will find the innovative Mc® Propeller Model MO300SW Reverse-Helix Flow Meter from McCrometer sheds a variety of organic and inorganic debris and resists sand typically associated with flow measurement in surface and water well applications to increase measurement accuracy, reduce maintenance requirements and lower total operating costs.  

McCrometer have also released a Innovative Multi-Mag L Series Flow Meter Delivers Expanded Range With Wider Turndowns in Rugged NEMA 6/IP67 Package - Precisely Measures Large Line Size Flows In Municipal Water & Industrial Processes - With its advanced electromagnetic multi-point sensing technology for large line sizes, a smart programmable signal converter and a virtually noise-immune cable, the innovative Multi-Mag™ L Series Flow Meter from McCrometer delivers exceptional performance in a NEMA 6/IP67 package that is ideal for demanding municipal water and industrial processes.

Metso Automation have announced the launch of the new Neles® RotaryGlobe control valve, a major design breakthrough, which combines the best features of proven linear and rotary valve technologies in small-bore control valves capable of operating cost-effectively up to ASME 1500 pressure class. The flow characteristics of this new valve are just like those of a globe valve; by definition, the globe-style body design leads to a high pressure-recovery factor. And, as in globe valves, the interchangeable trim selection includes low Cv, low noise and anti-cavitation trims to meet a wide range of applications with the same basic valve design. These factors combined with compact size and the low emission characteristics of a rotary valve create a unique design, which offers higher standards of performance in flow-control accuracy and reliability, while reducing lifetime costs and maintenance requirements.

K-TEK have  announced a new array of Oversized Chambers for the KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge. The KM26 is a rugged, non-contact, liquid level gauge designed for corrosive, flammable, and toxic environments. The magnetically coupled gauge avoids direct contact with liquids, thereby eliminating problems with coating, plating, fouling, fugitive emissions, hazardous material leaks, and dirty or colourless fluids, common with standard sight glasses. The new Oversized Chamber options provide extra clearance between the float and chamber wall.

The new generation of PMDsigma electronic monitoring relays from Pilz monitors values such as voltage, current, temperature or phase sequence. One new feature on PMDsigma is the ability to set values simply via a rotary knob and then save them on to a chip card. That way data remains flexible and can be copied over to other units. A plain text display supports parameter setting while also providing user-friendly diagnostics. The first unit in the PMDsigma product range monitors true power. This provides an early warning system for hazardous plant conditions, with no requirement for additional sensors.

ICEbooks – Useful books and new releases related to Instrumentation and Control.

Need some technical “know-how”? ICEweb has developed a new page which details a selection of excellent Instrumentation, Automation, Control, Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology books from IDC Technologies. These can be purchased from ICEweb . Also detailed are other links to more useful references. 

IDC produces five brilliant comprehensive Engineer's pocket guides which are now available for you to download. Subjects include: Instrumentation/ Communications/Electrical/ Electronics/Conversion & Engineering formulas, you have to register but it is worth the effort! 

ICEbus - Information on any of the 26 different bus systems in use in the area of Instrumentation and Control.

The ICEweb fieldbus pages have become available for sponsorship – this is a great opportunity as they receive around 1300 page views a month! For further information please contact iceweb

Installing Fieldbus in Real-Life Applications - Many automation engineers are coming face-to-face with real fieldbus applications for the first time. Fieldbus is a wonderful technology with many benefits, but fieldbus installation requires some additional considerations over and above normal 4-20mA projects. In this in-depth white paper, we discuss some of those issues, and show you how to deal with them. From our sponsor Moore Industries-Pacific, Inc.

ICEweb's Modbus page has been extensively upgraded with new links and excellent technical information.

Using MODBUS for Process Control and Automation - MODBUS is the most popular industrial protocol being used today, for good reasons. It is simple, inexpensive, universal and easy to use. Even though MODBUS has been around for nearly 30 years, almost all major industrial instrumentation and automation equipment vendors continue to support it in new products. This white paper discusses how MODBUS works and a few clever ways it can be used in new and legacy plants. From our sponsor Moore Industries-Pacific, Inc.

A new section on Field Device Tool (FDT) Technology has been added to ICEweb's fieldbus page. FDT (Field Device Tool) technology standardises the communication interface between field devices and systems. The key feature is its independence from the communication protocol and the software environment of either the device or the host system. FDT allows any device to be accessed from any host through any protocol. Also the latest FDT Newsletter is available and has some technical information covering, FDT Interoperability, PLC interface and Certification news.

The Fieldbus Foundation have announced the latest updates to its Foundation fieldbus Device Description (DD) tools and specifications.  The new releases for DD technology, which is fully compliant with the IEC 61804 and ISA104 Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) profile, include enhanced versions of: DD Services (Version 5.1.0), DD Integrated Development Environment (Version 1.1.0), Device Description Language Interoperability Specification (FF-901), Device Description Language Specification (FF-900) and DD Library (Version 3.2).

The Fieldbus Foundation has conducted a successful end user demonstration of its Foundation for Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) technology. Held on Tuesday, May 20, 2008, at the Shell Global Solutions technology centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the SIF demo attracted process automation end users and equipment suppliers from around the world.

Fieldbus Wars revisited?  There has been an interesting war of words over the article Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus - A Cost Comparison  by James Powell of Seimens Milltronics. The response by Jim Cahill of Emerson Process Management is a beauty! 

The Foundation Fieldbus End User Council Australia will be shortly requesting responses to a call for papers for Jump Aboard 2009 which will have the theme FF-SIS with sub-theme of a FF-wireless update. The event is planned for Perth and Melbourne Australia Q2 2009. For expressions of interest please contact Jim Russell.

ICEed - Educational links associated with Instrumentation, Control and Fire & Gas.

Abhisam Software, a young knowledge based company set up to provide training to technical professionals by e-learning have launched new versions of their cost effective courses relevant to ICE personnel as follows;

Gas Monitors e-learning course. The Professional version is now available for direct download for just $100 US - Gas Monitors are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from ranging from semiconductor manufacturing, wastewater treatment plants, power plants, chemical plants and oil & gas production facilities. Millions of gas monitors work everyday in these places,  to warn personnel working in these places about potential disasters like leaking gases, explosive vapours or toxic emissions. If you are an Instrumentation  professional, safety professional, or a similar professional, working in any of these places, you would be certainly interested in knowing more about these instruments and to know how they can help you prevent disasters. Unfortunately, up to now, there was no single classroom training course, or e-learning course which could provide sufficient information, in an easy to understand way, how to select gas monitors, install them correctly and maintain and calibrate them, so that they continue to work well.

RFID e-learning course. A comprehensive training course on RFID, that makes a pro out of YOU,  without being away from home or office and without making a hole in your pocket! The Standard version costs just $69 US whilst the Professional version is now available for direct download for just $100 US.

Hazardous Area Instrumentation e-learning course. The Professional version is now available for direct download for just $150 US and covers; - Understand Area and Material classification.
- Understand the different standards used for hazardous areas, including the later regulations like ATEX.
- Understand different methods of protection such as explosionproof, Intrinsic Safety, Increased Safety, Pressurization and Purging, Non-incendive and some more methods too.
- Understand the implementation of Fieldbus systems in hazardous areas.
- Select the best method of protection for your application, in your plant or facility.
- Understand certification and labeling of instruments, learn what a label means.
- Learn how to maintain the safety and integrity of a hazardous area installation in your plant

Process Control for Engineers and Technicians - Live E-Learning Workshop  Commencing 18th August at your desktop! - This course combines training in the basic principles of automatic control with the essential knowledge of sensors, transmitters and control valves necessary for its practical application.  Participate from your home or office via live webcasts over the Internet with remote labs and simulation software.

Details on Safety Instrumented Systems Courses can be found in the ICEsafety section.

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Automation - The aim of this 18 month e-learning programme from IDC is to provide you with core industrial automation skills.

CEA Systems, Inc. has signed a five-year agreement to donate the Plant-4D® Design Suite Professional to SAIT Polytechnic for use in the Process Piping and Drafting Fast Track program, Continuing Education courses as well as Corporate Training. Students at SAIT will get hands-on experience by learning on a leading industry tool.

One for Electrical Engineers and Technicians! - Regional Electrical Safety Forum - Townsville, Australia -3rd & 4th September 2008 - Year after year industries around the world are beset with the scourge of electrical accidents, injuries, catastrophic fires, explosions or toxic releases, yet industries are always striving to avoid such incidents by providing extensive and further improved safety measures. This forum will serve to highlight technologies, best practices, and accelerate improvements in standards and regulations to reduce electrical accidents and injuries and also to reduce the economic impact of electrical accidents.  

Process Control for Engineers and Technicians - by E-Learning - This course combines training in the basic principles of automatic control with the essential knowledge of sensors, transmitters and control valves necessary for its practical application.  Participate from your home or office via live webcasts over the Internet with remote labs and simulation software.

Expertune have announced training courses on Benefits of Automation, PlantTriage—Performance Supervision & Process Control Optimization, Plant Performance Improvement with PlantTriage and Detailed Loop Analysis With ExperTune. The course locations are in the USA and UK. 

ICEfolks - News about promotions and changes for people in the Instrumentation and Control Engineering World.

Please let us know of any personnel or other job changes in your organisation.

Erratum - In our last issue we announced that Shannon Foos has made a change, however the contact details were incorrect. Shannon is still in the Cleveland area but now works with Rockwell Automation where she is leading up a team focusing on Industrial network integration in the process automation arena. Shannon can be reached at 440 646 3469 or via e-mail at .

The Fieldbus Foundation has announced that Dr. Farshad Amir, technology manager of instrument and control systems for DuPont Engineering, has been named to its board of directors.  Amir replaces Jim Porter, who is retiring from DuPont, in this key automation industry post.  

Andreas Agostin -Industrial Network Sales Specialist Asia Pacific - MTL Instruments Pte Ltd Singapore has been elected as President of the Fieldbus Foundation Marketing Society (Singapore).

Allen Tighe has taken on the role of Chair of the Foundation Fieldbus End User Council Australia Inc, replacing Jim Russell who has stood down after 9 years.

ICEJobs – Vacancies and Wanted

Are YOU looking for good people? With ICEweb’s 140,000 page views a month plus ICEnews getting out to 7500 quality contacts a quarter and very competitive rates we are a very cost effective method of advertising, contact ICEweb for further details.


Looking for a job? As a service to the ICE community ICEweb and ICEnews will post your details for Free !  


The following positions are located in the Greater Kansas City, USA area.

1. Lead Instrumentation and Controls Engineer (100k +/- for experience)
This position will lead the I&C effort on major power plant projects.  Supervise and perform basic design, logic design and narrative and SAMA formats.  DCS spec development.  Review of shop drawings. Coordination of database information. Instrumentation specification and purchasing. Field startup support for Control System.  15+ years experience and PE license req.  Bachelors a must.

2. I&C Designer (hourly position w/ benefits 50k to 80k depending on experience)
This position will be responsible for the design support staff for the Lead Electrical Designer. The candidate will develop drawings for location plans, loop diagrams, installation details, schematics and instrument indexes, conduct shop drawing review and utilize piping and instrumentation diagrams. 6+ years req.Experience with Plant 4D, SmartPlant, 3D and MS Access is a plus.  Bachelors not required.


Please send your details here and it would be appreciated if you could mention ICEnews.


ICElinks - Electronic newsletters and links of potential interest to our readers.

A really great website for the latest news is the Read-Out Instrumentation Signpost.

Control Engineering have a great range of newsletters covering;

ICEmerge — Mergers, acquisitions and news from the Instrumentation Control Engineering community.

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK) announced today that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Incuity Software, Inc., a privately held company that is a leading supplier of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) software. Incuity's software provides real-time intelligence for business decision support to improve operations and reduce production waste by providing valuable management insight into a company's operations. More Information can be found here.

Emerson (NYSE:EMR) has announced it has acquired TopWorx (  TopWorx becomes part of Emerson Process Management, expanding Emerson's valve instrument offering and extending the reach of Emerson's PlantWeb® digital plant architecture to on/off valves and other instruments. TopWorx manufactures industrial sensors and controls which monitor and control automated valves and other field devices. TopWorx Valvetop® discrete valve controllers connect on/off valves to a variety of fieldbus networking protocols, and GO® Switch leverless limit switches provide reliable position sensing in harsh environments and tough applications. The company has additional locations in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and South Africa.

International oilfield service company Expro has announced that it has agreed to acquire the oil and gas metering business of CiDRA Corporation, based in Connecticut, USA. The acquisition of this oil and gas metering business, for USD 60.5 million cash consideration, will form the basis for a new business that will be called Expro Meters.

Privately held business development firm TenX Ventures has acquired Sparling Instruments, a manufacturer of flow measurement solutions headquartered in El Monte, Calif. Sparling designs and manufactures flowmeters for the water and wastewater flow measurement markets, as well as for general industrial flow measurement markets. The company’s product lines include the TigermagEP line of magnetic flow meters as well as lines of propeller and vortex meters.

ICEnet — Internet Related Topics and Sites that may be of interest to our readers. In addition to ICEWEB that is!

Cuil, a technology company pioneering a new approach to search, unveils its innovative search offering, which combines the biggest Web index with content-based relevance methods, results organized by ideas, and complete user privacy. Cuil ( has indexed 120 billion Web pages, three times more than any other search engine. This is a fantastic resource!

ICEnew — Great new Technical Links posted on ICEweb.

ICEweb has developed the following pages thanks to our sponsor Prochem Pipeline Products;
Heat Tracing and Bundles - Heat Tracing, Bundles, Heated Hose, General theory, Applications and more!
Instrument Valves, Accessories, Enclosures, Sunshades and Supports 
Pressure Regulators - General Theory, Technical Papers, Maintenance, Applications and more.
Samplers - On-Line Samplers Liquid Samplers, Gas Samplers, Solids Samplers, Applications and more
Monoflanges, Instrument Manifolds - Technical Data, Specifications, Application Data, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and more.

This is a section that highlights those useful technical links that are new to ICEweb.  

The following technical papers from our valued sponsor Emerson Process Management - have been added to ICEweb's comprehensive pH page.
- Theory and Practice of pH Measurement- An excellent 43 page handbook.
- Advances in pH Modeling and Control -  Gregory K. McMillan (Emerson) and Mark S. Sowell (Solutia Inc) - Many chemical and biological processes have pH control loops. Good pH control can be important for product quality as well as environmental compliance. The extraordinary rangeability and sensitivity of pH as a concentration measurement poses exceptional challenges in many aspects of pH design and implementation.
- Virtual Control of Real PH - Virtual Design reduces the hassles of PH control.
 - George Pence and Richard Baril - Improvements in sensor life and range of applications can move liquid analysis from one of the most “cursed” functions in the plant, to one that requires only modest attention.

A new application guide entitled Liquid Analysis for Metals Extraction and Processing is available from Emerson Process Management. The guide outlines liquid analytical solutions for leaching and ore extraction, concentration and separation, finished product purification and waste disposal as well as approaches to network management for metals processing plants. The new guide literally walks the user through the major extraction and processing methodologies and techniques such as cyanide extraction, flotation, phase difference, steel treatment and much more.

Cables - Best practices for process instrumentation cabling - Connectivity glues the network together; Cabling, grounding, cable routing, and the mitigation of noise and interference - Saeed M. AL-Abeediah - The health and effectiveness of any plant’s Process Automation System (PAS) relies on many factors. Among these factors is the proper selection of PAS components, seamless integration, control schemes, control system installation, and last but not least, proper electrical installation and connectivity of field instrumentation devices. This last factor, which glues the entire PAS system together, involves cabling, grounding, cable routing, and mitigation of external influences such as noise and interference. Thanks to the ISA and InTech.

Control Valves  
Valve Sizing and Selection - Sizing flow valves is a science with many rules of thumb that few people agree on.  This article covers  a more standard procedure for sizing a valve as well as helping to select the appropriate type of valve. From

Control Systems
PACs for Industrial Control, the Future of Control - With a number of vendors producing Programmable Automation Controllers that combine the functionality of a PC and reliability of a PLC, PACs today are increasingly being incorporated into control systems. This white paper explores the origins of the PAC, how PACs differ from PLCs and PCs, and the future direction of industrial control with PACs - From National Instruments.

Getting quality down PAT - Baha Korkmaz, Arnold Martin, and Cenk Undey -  Companies that proactively approach the new technological trends and invest in automation have a better chance of success. Using the concepts behind process analytical technology (PAT) is one effective tool to achieve this success, especially when incorporating batch standards, such as ISA88. From the ISA and InTech.

Lather up with batch - Matthew Leys and Sean Cahill - Unilever knew the success of its personal care consumer goods brands rested on the quality performance of its health and beauty mixing plant and aerosols plant. Economic growth paired with sound environmental management were just part of the strategy. Yet a total process control system update would help guide them to down the road to success. Also included in this article is a second article - Return to flexible batch automation - The ISA88 standard is easy to comprehend, but gaining in-depth understanding is a long process that takes understanding process operation and software engineering. From the ISA and InTech.

Brewery Taps Higher Control - Small brewer’s system allows greater productivity, flexibility - John Mallett and Todd Stauffer - When Bell’s Brewery decided to upgrade the temperature control system on its 45 fermentation tanks in mid-2006, they were just planning on expanding their existing system of dedicated single-loop controllers for each of its tank control points. Instead, after taking a look at their options and what technology suited them best, Bell’s opted to take a quantum leap forward by implementing a state-of-the-art process automation system for temperature control of its tanks. From the ISA and InTech.

Control Engineering Virtual Library - This comprehensive resource from the University of Cambridge gives links to Control Groups Around the World, Professional Societies, Control Related Journals, Control Information and other Miscellaneous information. 

Fundamentals of Pneumatic Controllers -Doug Butler - Controllers in one form or another have been around the process industries for a number of years. In fact, they are such a familiar sight in most industrial operations that they frequently suffer from being taken for granted. Yet, the quality of performance provided by a control system is determined by the performance of the controller and the other elements in the loop. The controller, with its various adjustments, is the one element in the control loop that allows any measure of operating flexibility. For optimum performance, it is necessary to use the controller properly. This requires a thorough understanding of some fundamental relationships - From CEESI. For more Control Technical papers go to ICEweb's Control Systems page.

Compressor Surging Under Control - Turbocompressors, either centrifugal or axial, are the heart of many industrial processes.  Often, these compressors are critical to the operation of the plant, yet they are seldom installed with a spare unit.  Surging represents a major threat to compressors and these processes.  Surge prevention is an important process control problem in these environments as surging can result in costly downtime and mechanical damage to the compressors.  An effective anti-surge control system is critical for every turbocompressor. From Prabhat Yadav and

ICEweb Advertising - Did you realise that there are over 500 pages!!
Sponsorship of many GREAT pages are available to advertisers in ICEweb. 

Page exclusive sponsorship for a year with your logo in a prominent position.

All technical information will have live links to your company.

 ICEweb will search for suitable technical information from your website http and include this in a priority position on the page.

To sponsor/advertise in  ICEweb, please contact Jim Russell, ICEweb Director.  

Corrosion  - A very useful corrosion link added to ICEwebs corrosion page is the "Corrosionist" Corrosion Search Engine. 

Have a look at ICEweb's new Orifice Plate page which is full of great technical papers / articles on Orifice Plates, associated standards and associated equipment.

Calculating for Calibration & Conversion-Factor Inconsistency- Accurate flow measurement often entails careful attention to detail. Errors can be introduced when calculations in different parts of the flow measurement system are performed using different standard conditions. From David W. Spitzer P.E and

Fire and Gas
ICEweb's Fire and Gas, Fire Detection and Gas Detection pages have been upgraded with new links also being added.

Hazardous Areas Instrumentation and Electrical Equipment
Abhisam Software have announced that it has launched a new version of its popular hazardous area instrumentation e-learning course.

How to Manage Hazardous Areas effectively by using Gas Monitors - Electrical equipment installed in hazardous areas, necessarily has to conform to the area classification for that area. However, frequently, practical problems arise, where the specified equipment may not be easily available. For example, an area classified as Zone 1 under the IEC system, theoretically can accept only Zone 1 equipment. However sometimes, especially in case of specialized equipment, Zone 1 certified equipment of that type may not be available. In such cases what could be done? This paper presents the background of such situations, possible solutions and current international practices regarding this issue - Thanks to our valued sponsor Abhisam Software

Frictional Ignition of Powders - Geoff Lunn - This is a comprehensive review -  Surveys of industrial incidents in powder and dust handling plant show that in a substantial percentage, friction and mechanical failure and flames and flaming material are known ignition sources.

ICEweb's Australian Standards for gas detection/ Ex Equipment page has been revised to detail the latest updated standards.

Global unity sought for hazardous location standards - The ISA12 standards committee for electrical equipment in hazardous locations continues to build continuity in global standards. The committee is working to reduce the number of national differences in U.S. adoption of the IEC standards used for U.S. certification. By eliminating regional standards, it will allow manufacturers to produce equipment suitable for global use. It also allows multi-national users to improve efficiency and productivity as they specify, install, and maintain common equipment in all the plants around the world. From ISA.

All in One Glass - Alternate approach to gage-glass maintenances leads to more accurate drum level measurements - Dale P. Evely - Southern Company, a producer of electricity, fiber optics, and wireless communications, developed an alternate approach to address gage glass maintenance issues as well as measurement uncertainties associated with water-column-type measurements - from ISA and InTech

Pressure Sensor Technologies - Peter Welander - Pressure transducers are everywhere, but do you know what’s inside? Choosing the right technology can be critical, especially in extreme applications - From Control Engineering

A huge swag of new technical papers have been added to ICEwebs new Pressure Regulator page.

Emerson Process Management has published Edition VI of its Industrial Pressure Regulator Application Guide. The 736 page, 4-color guide serves as a reference for technical applications and pressure data on Fisher® brand industrial regulators and is designed to provide assistance in selecting the right pressure regulator for a broad range of applications anywhere in the world. The Industrial Application Guide's comprehensive Technical Section includes several new and updated sections such as Regulator Components, Principles of Direct-Operated Regulators, Principles of Pilot-Operated Regulators, Selecting and Sizing Pressure Reducing Regulators, Over Pressure Protection Methods, Principles of Relief Valves, Principles of Series Regulation and Monitor Regulators, Valve Sizing calculations, Valve Sizing, Temperature Considerations, Sulfide Stress Cracking, Conversions, Equivalents, and Physical Data.

Test and Calibration
A Guide to Low Resistance Measurement -  Note this is a large 3 MBits download. This handbook gives an overview of low resistance measurement techniques, explains common causes of errors and how to avoid them. We have also included useful tables of wire and cable characteristics, temperature coefficients and various formulas to ensure you make the best possible choice when selecting your measuring instrument and measurement technique - from Cropico.

Can't Happen at your Site?-  Eric Byres - Unless you’ve been hiding out on a desert island for the past year, you can’t help but notice the serious impact hacking and viruses have had on corporate information technology (IT) systems. At least once a month, a new hacker exploits or Trojan e-mail threatens to do considerable harm to the workings of a business network. If hackers can do that much damage to a desktop PC, what about that programmable logic controller (PLC) or human-machine interface sitting on the plant floor? From Byres Security.

Solenoid Valves  
Considering Valve Specification & Installation - Best Practices & Technology to Ensure Long-Term Performance - Matt Migliore and ICEweb sponsor ASCO. 

Specific Gravity
Determination of Specific Gravity of Gases: Fundamentals and Instruments - Faruk Civan - Specific gravity is one of the basic properties used for characterisation and measurement of gases. Instruments used for determining specific gravity are called gravitometers. There are also methods by which specific gravity can be determined indirectly. Accurate determination of specific gravity is essential for accurate measurement of gas flow rate - from CEESI

How To Select And Use The Right Temperature Sensor - Ron Desmarais - This paper answers the question "How do I determine which sensor to use in my application?” After a brief review of how RTD’s and thermocouples are constructed and used to measure temperature, it discusses what differentiates these sensors from one another. It covers the topics of temperature range, tolerance, accuracy, interchangeability and relative strengths and weaknesses for each type. After reviewing these topics you will have a better understanding as to when each type of sensor should be used and why. From Pyromation, Inc.

Uninterruptible Power Systems
ICEweb has developed a new Uninterruptible Power System page.  

ICEsafety — Information and news on Safety Instrumented Systems along with Health and Safety.

HIMA Australia are running a 4-Day TÜV FS Engineer Course in Melbourne 30th September - 3rd October - HIMA’s functional safety course is a TÜV Rheinland Group certified training course for engineering professionals. The course focuses on functional safety for the process, oil & gas, and chemical industries according to IEC/AS 61508 / 61511 and gives engineers the opportunity to certify their functional safety knowledge through TÜV.  

HIMA Australia have announced that they will be launching their new safety system "HIMax" in mid 2008 and a change in Management - HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co KG are launching a safety system which will set new standards in performance, safety and availability within the process industry. In the development of flexible and intelligent safety platforms, HIMA’s special focus was on increasing the availability and profitability of process plants. Offering unique features, HIMax ideally satisfies the global process industry’s demand for increasing the profitability of safety-oriented applications.

Emerson Process Management has received SIL 3 certification of several ranges of its Fisher® valves to IEC 61508 standards. Emerson is the first control valve manufacturer to have achieved this independent third party certification which eliminates the need for prior use methodology while proving that Emerson's design process, engineering and testing fully comply with IEC 61508. This certification enables users to boost plant availability and safety by using the technology-leading Fisher® GX, Vee-ball®, easy-e® and HP valves in Safety Instrumented Systems in up to SIL 3 loops, per IEC 61508.

IDC Safety Control Systems Conference - Sydney, Australia - 15th &16th October 2008 - Are you a Professional in the Safety Industry? Then join your peers at this prestigious conference which will focus on the technology and application of safety-related control and instrumentation systems in the chemicals, energy, mining and manufacturing industries. It will examine the complex and challenging issues of using control systems technology to maintain and improve the safety of people and plants whilst ensuring profitability. Looking at the speakers list this event should be a must for all SIS Professionals!

Essential tool in automation: Safety standards - Because the ISA 84.01/IEC 61511 standards for defining safety networks are fairly new, the industry is lagging behind in providing the special data fields required by safety DCS, PLC, and wiring networks. Safety networks requiring special documentation in instrument engineering automation systems include emergency shutdown systems, burner management systems, fire and gas systems, and SIS or interlock systems - From ISA

Calculating failure probabilities works better with systematic approach - Specialists in control and instrumentation were once confident to rely on their own experience and good design practice to design protection systems. Now they must adhere to a quantitative approach to designing systems deemed safety systems. Even the ubiquitous burner management system (BMS) is by virtue of its function, a safety instrumented system (SIS), and you should design it according to ISA 84.01 as well as the applicable National Fire Protection Agency standard. One step in this approach is calculating the target probability of failure on demand (PFD) for the system. Because calculating PFDs for repairable systems commonly seems complicated, the approach does not curry favor with the average control and instrumentation specialist; some manufacturers defer the design analysis to others or they do not do it at all. But there is benefit in the approach for designing general protective systems in addition to meeting the mandatory requirements for a SIS - From ISA

ISA and the Automation Standards Compliance Institute (ASCI) are introducing three certificate programs that will increase knowledge and awareness of the ISA84 standard. Each certificate program includes specialized training on ISA84 and an exam that is offered through Prometric testing centres. Those who register for the training course and the certificate program and successfully complete the exam will be issued an ISA certificate stating that they have successfully completed the specified certificate program. There are three certificate programs available for ISA84: Safety Instrumented Systems Specialist, Safety Integrity Level Determination Specialist, and Safety Instrumented Systems Hardware Design and Analysis Specialist.

ANSI/ISA-TR96.05.01, Partial Stroke Testing of Automated Block Valves, has been approved by ISA and registered with the American National Standards Institute, and is now available. The technical report provides guidance on various criteria to consider when determining whether partial stroke testing would be beneficial and on the different methods used.


ISA-67.01.01, Transducer and Transmitter Installation for Nuclear Safety Applications, has been approved by ISA, and is now available. The reaffirmed standard covers the installation of transducers for nuclear safety-related applications, and establishes requirements and recommendations for the installation of transducers and auxiliary equipment for nuclear applications outside of the main reactor vessel.

Honeywell  has released an updated version of Safety Manager, the company’s safety instrumented system (SIS) platform, that takes a unique approach to balancing the integration of process controls with critical safety systems. The latest version of Safety Manager, integrated with Honeywell’s Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS), allows safety and process controllers to directly communicate with each other without depending on intermediate interfaces such as PCs, and without compromising operations security or data integrity.

Taming Synchrotron’s Silent Hazards Travelling at the Speed of Light - Imagine a machine the size of a football field with noiseless hazards that move literally at the speed of light and you’ve got a safety challenge like no other in Australia. The newest and biggest piece of scientific equipment built here is just that - the Australian Synchrotron shoots electrons around its 216 metre circumference in just 720.5 nano seconds. The synchrotron’s safeguards are equally as impressive. A system reminiscent of Maxwell Smart’s departure from Control Headquarters incorporates not one, but two, Programmable Safety Systems or "safety PLCs”, 68 emergency stop buttons, keyed interlocks, Fortress gates, video cameras and even an intercom.

Safeguards at Australia's Nuclear Reactor - No other Australian safety system faces the intense scrutiny focused on the country's nuclear reactor and, arguably, no Australian workplace takes safety more seriously. So, when the world's most brilliant scientists use a new Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) experimental facility, they will be protected from radiation exposure by a meticulously designed network of Programmable Safety Systems (PSS).The new $350 million OPAL reactor is soon to produce neutrons for eight neutron beam instruments (NBI) that will allow scientists to investigate the atomic structure of new materials, chemical reaction kinetics and biological processes. 

Protecting workers in infeed areas - These days robots almost always work behind safety fences, screened from the application operator. New safety concepts help to do away with the fences and barriers that come between man and robot.

The Foundation Fieldbus End User Council Australia will be shortly requesting responses to a call for papers for Jump Aboard 2009 which will have the theme FF-SIS with sub-theme of a FF-wireless update. The event is planned for Perth and Melbourne Australia Q2 2009. For expressions of interest please contact Jim Russell.

ICEtools— Software and offers that will help with engineering design.

Really excellent free tools to help you in your job and at home can be found on ICEweb’s “Tools” page.

Commonsense Engineering Safety Tips When Commissioning Plant - IDC have compiled a list of tips on working safely when commissioning a plant or with machinery from an electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and IT point of view. See more tips like this on our Tools page.

Fundamentals Of Gas Measurement - D. A. Tefankjian - In any field of endeavour for a person to completely understand the endeavour, he or she must have a knowledge and an understanding of the fundamentals involved. People can do well in the performance of their work without knowing the basic principles, but to excel and progress knowledge of the fundamentals is necessary. This is particularly true if one’s work is technical in nature - Includes – Units of Measurement, Behaviour of the gas molecule, property of gases, the gas laws along with the methods and means of measuring gas -From CEESI

My old friend and former work colleague Steve Mackay has turned into philosopher extraordinaire! He has just put all his Musings into a 160 page compendium called his "Little Red Book", so if you need some good advice as an engineer it is an excellent read.  It is available here.

ICEwireless – News and technical links to Industrial Instrumentation Wireless items of interest

The following wireless links are thanks to our sponsor Abhisam Software

RFID Case Study ebook -This excellent 61 page technical reference has details on 25 different RFID applications from around the world. The password to the document is "abhisam". .

Sponsor Abisham Software have provided The world's first FREE RFID e-learning course which is a no obligation , no strings attached, absolutely free RFID course, that can be downloaded to your own PC and you can view it without any restrictions at all! Plus it's a REAL e-learning course, NOT somebody's stale Power-Point presentation! It has plenty of flash based animations, graphics and text, with a self-assessment test. The visuals help you learn key concepts QUICKLY and EASILY.

Topologies for Wireless Instrumentation - To set the stage for wireless instrumentation, do you know how to get the signal from instrument to control system? Here’s a nuts-and-bolts guide to orchestrate your options for permanently mounted instrumentation - from Control Engineering.

Users want Happy Union with Wireless, but Doubts Linger - Patrick Schweitzer - When it comes to wireless technology, the user community wants simplicity, robustness, education to understand this new world, and coexistence among all players to make this the wireless world of our dreams. Yet as wireless picks up momentum in the industrial marketplace, users are still confounded by the potentials and pitfalls a wireless world can bring -Thanks to ISA/InTech.

In 2008, Wireless a No-Brainer - David Savells and Brent McAdams - Advantages of wireless I/O go far beyond the cost of wiring: Economies of scale, fail safe, flexibility, reliability, diagnostics and low power consumption - Historically, regardless of the industry, hardwiring has been the only option available for users to connect remote instrumentation assets in the field. However, new technology enabling greater use of spread spectrum radios gives companies the ability to connect remote instrumentation in the field without the need for a costly, wired infrastructure - Thanks to ISA/InTech.

Strategic Implementation of Wireless Technologies - The evolution in wireless technologies has opened the door to a new class of plant automation architecture that offers adopters a significant strategic advantage. Driven by substantial and measurable cost savings in engineering, installation, and logistics, as well as dramatic improvements in the frequency and reliability of field data collection, automation experts and IT professionals are presented with an opportunity to deliver a major, positive impact to their respective company’s bottom line - from FreeWave.

The ISA100.11a Working Group, a working group within the ISA100 Committee, recently completed its first letter ballot on its draft standard, the first in the ISA100 universal family of wireless standards. Also the ISA100 standards committee has created a new subcommittee to address options for convergence of the ISA100.11a and WirelessHART standards. This initiative is a key step in the mission of the ISA100 committee to develop a family of universal industrial wireless standards designed to satisfy the needs of end users across a variety of applications.

Keithley Instruments, Inc. have announced the availability of Advanced Measurement Techniques for OFDM- and MIMO-based Radio Systems: Demystifying WLAN and WiMAX Testing, a new guide to wireless and RF testing. This CD contains useful and informative RF testing resources, including application notes, articles, white papers, and product demonstrations, to help engineers reduce their cost of test by simplifying and solving the most challenging RF measurement applications. The CD is available free of charge at

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24-27  Honeywell Pacific Users Group - The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, Western Australia


3-4  Regional Electrical Safety Forum - Townsville, Australia  

8 -10 RFID World - MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV United States

17-18    Second Annual Oil & Gas US Exchange, Crowne Plaza-Reliant Park, Houston Texas, USA

21-28    Singapore Technology Management Council Chapter in cooperation with the IEEE Singapore Section will be hosting an engineering  management conference in Bangkok, Thailand.  

25  FDT Technology Seminar - Open access to device intelligence -Houston Texas 

30 FDT Technology Seminar - Open access to device intelligence - Carlton Oasis Hotel, Curieweg 1, 3208 KJ Spijkenisse (Rotterdam), The Netherlands 

29- 3rd Oct — 2008 Emerson Exchange - Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, Washington, DC  


1    FDT Technology Seminar - Open access to device intelligence - Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg, Kadettenstrasse, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach (Köln), Germany

13 - 15 ARC's Digital Enterprise of the Future Forum - Optimize Asset Lifecycle Performance through Better Asset Information Management - Marriott Westchase, Houston, TX United States

14 -16 ISA EXPO 2008, Automation and Control Technology and Technique - Houston, TX, USA

15-16  Safety Control Systems Conference - Sydney, Australia

28 FDT Technology Seminar - Open Access to Device Intelligence -Greenville, South Carolina USA 


5 - 6 Active RFID, RTLS & Sensor Networks - Sheraton Dallas Hotel - Dallas, TX United States


10-12 — WBF 2008 European Conference - Barcelona , Spain  


12-13  ISA Process Analytical Technology Conference Tutorial & Exhibition - Holiday Inn International Airport, 2650 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202, United States


18 - Safety Automation Forum - Nashville, Tennessee - Gaylord Opryland Center

17-19 — Brazil Automation - ISA Show 2008, XII International Congress of Automation, Systems and Instrumentation, Expo Center Norte – São Paulo – Brasil  


26-27 - Boiler & Burners Conference: Design, Management and Operation - Perth, Australia


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Honeywell Analytics Fire and Gas Detection  

The Honeywell Analytics group of companies provides gas detection solutions in industries where potentially hazardous chemicals and gases exist.  A full range of fixed gas, portable gas and flame detection equipment is available for the measurement of flammable gases, toxic gases and oxygen concentrations.  The company provides design, development and manufacture of electrochemical, catalytic and infrared sensors, along with Chemcassette technology, placing the company at the forefront of innovation. The company offers solutions to increasingly difficult gas detection and monitoring applications.
They also offer project management for specialized fire and gas systems, a global network of service centres and 24-hour on-line technical support.

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The Grimwood range of flanged immersion heaters can now be manufactured to provide hazardous area protection for users in the Asia Pacific region. Depending on the location and operating environment, units can be made in either carbon steel or stainless steel. The benefits of using locally designed and manufactured product fully complying with hazardous area requirements are shorter supply chains and lead times and quicker, clearer communication.



Prochem is Australia’s leading supplier of quality stainless steel piping and mechanical instrumentation products. They are agents for a huge range of instrumentation products including Hoke Gyrolok, Hoke Instrumentation Valves, Circor Tech Products, Go Regulators, Circle seal, Atkomatic Solenoid Valves, Classic Filters, Manual Sample Systems, King Instrument Company , Hoke Pipe Fittings , Anderson Greenwood Instrument Valves , Anderson Greenwood Primary Isolation Valves , Pacson Valves and ATC Actuators, BSM Valves, O'Brien Tracepak and O'Brien Analytical, BuTech , Stainless Steel Tube, Saddles and Leak Check , Teflon Lined Braided Hoses. 


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