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Update those Codes of Practices and Specifications!

How up to date are your companies Instrumentation, Fire and Gas, Control, Electrical and other codes of practice and standards? All too often these important documents are left in "limbo" for years and this may result in your plant not taking advantage of the CAPEX and OPEX benefits that new technologies offer. Lets face it if you are buying a new vehicle you expect and check that it has all the latest features in your price range. The same rules should apply for equipment that your company purchases. For instance I recently was discussing a code of practice for Wellhead Control Panels with a hydraulic engineer and he advised me that his company still regularly receives specifications for this equipment which is based on pneumatic over hydraulic technology rather than Electro-Hydraulic technology based on the IEC16508 safety instrumented systems standards. It is pretty obvious that the use of out of date standards have the potential to have knock on effects which will reflect in increased costs, potential integrity improvements and loss of profit.

Interestingly in the latest news release from the National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority here in Australia states " The three most common root causes of incidents are: preventive maintenance requiring improvement; procedures not used or followed; and design specifications needing improvement". 

Why have I raised this point, well in these "tough times", every opportunity should be taken to be optimise company performance, thus if your standards have not been updated in the past 3 years it may be worth reviewing those codes and specifications which could provide a good business case. Also rather than lay off staff why not invest for the future and ensure that new and updated key purchase documents are going to provide your organisation with the optimisation benefits that new technology offers.

A key component however is the competency of the engineers or consultants undertaking this work and this should be carefully analysed to ensure that an old standard is not going to come out of the cupboard and be dusted off, or just re-badged without reflecting technological advances. Thus it is worthwhile having a "technology champion" in an organisation who is tasked with keeping up with new developments and ensuring that any updates to company standards reflect the latest concepts which will improve "bottom line". 

Of course what must be remembered  is that company codes of practice and specifications are an important asset which like anything require maintenance on an ongoing basis, whilst they physically do not "break", legacy technology has the potential to break an organisation in terms of profit maximisation. 

Jim Russell

ICEart - Technical articles related to instrumentation and control (Just "click" on the Hyperlink for the full article or paper)

Exd Flanged Immersion Heaters with IEC Certification -Over the years it has been difficult to source Exd Certified immersion heaters and often this has led to a certification nightmare for those engineers responsible for the associated equipment packages. At last industry now has a choice when it comes to ensuring that their hazardous area electrical heating requirements are met. Until now the only option has been to import equipment from the UK , or to continue using equipment not fully complying with current flameproof requirements.

Grimwood Achievements in Hazardous Area Heating - So what makes Grimwood different? There are two fundamental points of difference; lead-time and engineering. Often major projects overlook the need for heaters until they are on the critical path. Grimwood has repeatedly saved the day for project engineers when they suddenly realised that their multimillion (multibillion?) dollar project is rapidly going down the gurgler because they made some assumptions about what they thought was a simple thing like a little electric heater. 

As from early August 2009, it will be possible to order more than 8 000 replaced or withdrawn IEC Publications directly from the IEC Webstore. In fact, these publications have always been available but only via the IEC Central Office Customer Service Centre, and not through the new user-friendly Webstore. Obsolete IEC Publications are clearly indicated in order to avoid any confusion with current editions To avoid any confusion with current editions these publications will show up in the search results in a dedicated section "Replaced / Withdrawn standard" and will carry a reference number starting with "P-". They will also display a watermark clearly indicating that they are obsolete. Users may need to purchase obsolete publications for many reasons, such as legacy and legal purposes and comparisons with the current edition. Thanks to years of in-depth research, the IEC Central Office has been able to build an extensive electronic library of nearly all IEC Publications issued since the IEC's creation more than 100 years ago.

The future of 3D home viewing is in the hands of the industry players - Whilst not really in the ICE domain this article is interesting in terms of just where home entertainment can go in the future.

Ever heard of The Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers (WCSIM)? - This organisation is a new one for me after some 44 years in the industry!...Ed. The WCSIM promotes the craft of scientific instrument making and the exchange of ideas and information by members and guests through meetings, visits, lectures and social events. The members, "Liverymen", are all linked with scientific instruments in some way. The Company advances the craft through traditional apprenticeships supervised by Liverymen, and through its educational trust fund supports technology in schools, provides undergraduate scholarships and research fellowships. The Guild was formed in October 1955 by members of the Industry and with the support of the Clockmakers and the Spectacle Makers Companies, to foster scientific instrument making and to promote goodwill in the science and craft of measurement and instrumentation. One of the founder firms at that time was known to date back to 1640. Grant of Arms was achieved in 1956 and the Letters Patent as a Livery Company of City of London were granted in 1963.

Emerson Process Management have announced an extension of the monitoring capabilities of its CSI 9210 Machinery Health® Transmitter. The CSI 9210, which monitors vibration, temperature, and speed on machine trains, can now be applied to all types of plant and mill rotating machinery, including motors, fans, cooling tower fans, pumps, and compressors.

The Automation Federation reports that the automation profession has been recognized by two groups within the United States government. Firstly the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations included an item  in their 2010 Congressional budget report that recognizes the importance of automation for the future of manufacturing in the United States. The second recognition by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) revised the 2010 Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP)—the accepted U.S. federal government statistical standard on instructional program)—to include new codes for Automation Engineer Technology/Technician  and Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering. More here.

Standards Australia distributor SAI Global have discontinued their free "Standards Watch" service which automatically advises when a standard has been superseded, revised or new standards have been issued in certain categories. It is now a subscription service. 

ICEbooks – Useful books, software and new releases related to Instrumentation and Control.

Abhisam Software have released their E-Book - Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification
, this inexpensive publication only costs US$27!

Need some technical “know-how”? ICEweb has a page which details a selection of excellent Instrumentation, Automation, Control, Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology books from IDC Technologies. These can be purchased from ICEweb . Also detailed are other links to more useful references. 

IDC produces five brilliant comprehensive Engineer's pocket guides which are now available for you to download. Subjects include: Instrumentation/ Communications/Electrical/ Electronics/Conversion & Engineering formulas, you have to register but it is worth the effort! 

IDC Technologies have introduced their ebook library.   The ebook is designed to make life easier by providing the comprehensive information found in their manuals in a portable, compact solution. Their manuals can stay on your computer for a lifetime without the coffee stains and pen marks.  Titles include: – Hazardous Waste Management, Best Practice in Sewage, Transportation Planning and Management, Practical Data Communications and Networking, Practical Industrial Networking, Practical Radio Telemetry Systems for Industry, Practical HV Cable Jointing and Terminations, Practical Electrical Substation Safety, Practical Power Distribution, Practical Earthing of Utility and Industrial Distribution Systems, SNMP Network Management, Practical HAZOPs, Practical SCADA and Telemetry Systems for Industry, Practical Boiler Plant Operation and Management, Rigid and Flexible Hose Connections, Leading your Engineering Team to Top Performance & much more….Now you can take the books everywhere with you! All ebooks are available at 75% of the cost of their manuals – at that price what are you waiting for? Try an ebook today! Contact IDC to register your interest.

What’s in your pocket? Why not fill your pocket with an IDC pocket guide. Their six Engineering Pocket Guides are bursting with over 500 pages of valuable information.  The six titles include: Instrumentation, Electrical Engineering, Data Communications, Formulae and Conversions, Electronic Engineering and Industrial Automation. Whether you are interested in just the one title or if you need the whole set send an email to .

Automation Made Easy: Everything You Wanted to Know about Automation-and Need to Ask Peter G. Martin, Gregory Hale - After a quick glance at the plant floor, it is very easy to see the industrial automation industry interoperates with other functions within the enterprise. Trying to keep up with changing technologies, however, is never easy and the industrial automation environment is no exception. Whether you are a student just starting out or are a top-level executive or manager well-versed in one domain, but have limited knowledge of the industrial automation industry, it’s easy to find yourself adrift in this evolving industry. That is where this easy-to-read book comes in; it provides a basic functional understanding in the field of industrial automation.

Basic Math for Process Control - Bob Connell - A practical tutorial on the mathematics essential to the process control field, written by an experienced process control engineer for practicing engineers and students. A quick-and-easy review of the mathematics common to the field, including chapters on frequency response analysis, transfer functions and block diagrams, and the Z-N approximation. A handy desk reference for process control engineers - a helpful aid to students in mathematics courses.

NACE Corrosion Engineer's Reference Book, Third Edition - R. Baboian - Key features of the book include classification of a variety of metallic and nonmetallic (primarily polymers) systems with their commercial name and physical properties, and their corrosion behavior in different conditions; corrosion as a result of chemicals and different acids in the process and industrial environments; corrosion evaluation techniques; details on cathodic protection; protective coatings; and NACE and worldwide standards.

A Design Guide for the Electrical Safety of Instruments, Instrument/Control Panels and Control Systems - Incidents of electrical shock, burns and arcing continue to occur during the installation, commissioning, routine maintenance and testing of instruments, instrument/control panels and control systems. This publication from EEMUA gives a description of those electrical safety aspects which should be considered, in a straightforward non-technical language, for use by technicians and engineers alike.

ICEbus - Information on any of the 26 different bus systems in use in the area of Instrumentation and Control.

The ICEweb fieldbus pages have become available for sponsorship – this is a great opportunity as they receive around 1300 page views a month! For further information please contact iceweb

FISCO Intrinsically Safe Fieldbus Systems - This application note is a practical guide to the selection, installation and maintenance of equipment complying with the Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO). The document begins with a discussion of the origins of FISCO and an introduction to the main elements that should be considered when assembling FISCO systems. Later sections then develop each subject in more detail, with the intention of providing clear guidance to new and experienced Fieldbus users. 

Common Solution for Field Device Integration - The Steering Committee of the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) Cooperation Team (ECT) have announced that their technical team has achieved important milestones in its effort to develop a common solution for field device integration (FDI). The FDI Project Team has successfully worked over the past 18 months to identify use cases encompassing all facets of plant operations: from start up and commissioning; to ongoing maintenance activities and plant operations. It has also drafted an architecture concept migrating participating technologies to a common device integration standard.

Foundation fieldbus Positioner Transducer Block Final Specification - The Fieldbus Foundation has announced that its Foundation fieldbus Positioner Transducer Block final specification is now available. The new specification release supports the implementation of advanced field diagnostics capabilities benefiting end-users of Foundation fieldbus technology.

MTL have announced that their Fieldbus Calculator now includes Redundant FISCO power supply....More.

MTL has launched the FBT-6-PA, the first Intrinsically Safe (IS) certified Profibus PA Diagnostics Monitor. The handheld device monitors a live Profibus PA network in both safe and hazardous areas without interfering with its operation.

FDT Technology Achieves IEC Global Standard Approval - As recently reported by the FDT Group in May 2009, FDT Technology known as IEC 62453 has gained international standard approval by the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC). The FDT specification unanimously passed the vote of the international standardization community represented by 26 national committees with the addition of eight more countries voluntarily approving all parts of the FDT specification.

FDT Frame Applications Standardize Smart Device Integration and Management - Over the years end users have requested a single technology that provides one software tool to integrate device assets over the life cycle of the plant. Today, businesses are frugal with expense budgets, but still driven to embrace technology advancements that result in increased plant performance with sustainable operating cost savings. FDT Technology and its intuitive Frame Application help realize cost reductions often associated with a facility start-up, from engineering through the maintenance stages, for automation devices connected to the automation system.

FDT Technology—What Are DTMs? - It has been recognized time again that the ability to have open access to device intelligence is essential to enhanced reliability and reduced start-up times. In the area of industrial automation, FDT Technology provides this “open access” with a device type manager (DTM). With DTMs, users can configure device parameters, operate devices via a graphical interface and access advanced diagnostic information from any location.

ICEed - Educational links associated with Instrumentation, Control and Fire & Gas.

NEWSFLASH - Abhisam Software have announced a discounted rate for all e-learning products. The RFID and Gas Monitors courses will be available for just $69 and the Hazardous Area Instrumentation course for just $ 99!

Abhisam Software, a young knowledge based company set up to provide training to technical professionals by e-learning have launched new versions of their cost effective courses relevant to ICE personnel as follows;

Gas Monitors e-learning course. The Professional version is now available for direct download for just $69US - Gas Monitors are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from ranging from semiconductor manufacturing, wastewater treatment plants, power plants, chemical plants and oil & gas production facilities. Millions of gas monitors work everyday in these places,  to warn personnel working in these places about potential disasters like leaking gases, explosive vapours or toxic emissions. If you are an Instrumentation  professional, safety professional, or a similar professional, working in any of these places, you would be certainly interested in knowing more about these instruments and to know how they can help you prevent disasters. Unfortunately, up to now, there was no single classroom training course, or e-learning course which could provide sufficient information, in an easy to understand way, how to select gas monitors, install them correctly and maintain and calibrate them, so that they continue to work well.

RFID e-learning course. A comprehensive training course on RFID, that makes a pro out of YOU,  without being away from home or office and without making a hole in your pocket! The Standard version costs just $69 US whilst the Professional version is now available for direct download for just $100 US.

Hazardous Area Instrumentation e-learning course. The Professional version is now available for direct download for just $99US and covers; - Understand Area and Material classification.
- Understand the different standards used for hazardous areas, including the later regulations like ATEX.
- Understand different methods of protection such as explosionproof, Intrinsic Safety, Increased Safety, Pressurization and Purging, Non-incendive and some more methods too.
- Understand the implementation of Fieldbus systems in hazardous areas.
- Select the best method of protection for your application, in your plant or facility.
- Understand certification and labeling of instruments, learn what a label means.
- Learn how to maintain the safety and integrity of a hazardous area installation in your plant
Now - also included as part of the course is the E-book
Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification !

Soon to be launched- a new e-learning course on SAFETY INSTRUMENTED SYSTEMS - Covering all aspects of Safety Instrumented Systems including;
  • Basic Concepts of SIS
  • Hazard & Risk analysis
  • Failures & Reliability
  • Safety Integrity Level
  • Standards used in SIS
  • SIS in practice including maintenance
This course will be a blend of Flash based animations/videos, graphics, real-life photos and and text that explain key concepts in a easy to understand method. This will be totally different from the stale power point presentations that are touted as "training courses" by others.
Price-Unbelievable! for the kind of material that you would get.
Please send your requirement to if you are interested in their early bird price


Call for Papers - If you have an upcoming conference and are calling for papers please contact us.



IDC have scheduled the following E-Learning courses;

Certificate in Mechanical Engineering - Commences 24th August 2009

Certificate in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) & SCADA Systems - Commences 1st September 2009

Advanced Diploma in Data Communications, Networking & IT - Commences 19th October 2009

Training and Workshop Schedules

IDC 2009 schedule of workshops.

Able Instruments 2009 Instrumentation Training Schedule.


Canadian company ACM  2009 Training Schedule which covers SIS, SIL, HAZOP, P&ID and more.


The Australian PROFIBUS Association 2009 Training schedule.

PROFIBUS Ireland through its Competency Centre in Limerick offers a number of  Certified and Non-Certified courses. 

CEESI have scheduled a number of Gas and Flow Measurement training courses. 

ICEfolks - News about promotions and changes for people in the Instrumentation and Control Engineering World.

Please let us know of any personnel or other job changes in your organisation.

The FDT Group Board of Directors has announced that Flavio Tolfo, the Managing Director of the group for the last three years will take his retirement as of July 1, 2009. The new managing Director will be Glenn Schulz...More.

The highest honor bestowed by the International Society of Automation (ISA), Honorary Member, has been given to Moore Industries’ founder and President Leonard W. Moore

Emerson Process Management has appointed Mark Dutton as Vice President & General Manager, Daniel® Measurement and Control, Europe.

ICEJobs – Vacancies and Wanted

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Job Hunting in a Tough Economy - This article from Control Global gives some good tips in these tough economic times.

ICElinks - Electronic newsletters and links of potential interest to our readers.

A really great website for the latest news is the Read-Out Instrumentation Signpost.

Control Engineering have a great range of newsletters covering;

Are you into Hydraulics? Brendon Casey's Inside Hydraulics Newsletter contains loads of technical tips and money saving techniques.

Light my Pump is a comprehensive site covering pumps and pump systems. It includes calculations, trouble-shooting, videos of interesting experiments with fluids, tutorials and more!

ICEmerge — Mergers, acquisitions and news from the Instrumentation Control Engineering community.

The KOBOLD Group has acquired instrument manufacturer Heinrichs Messtechnik GmbH of Cologne, Germany.  Heinrichs Messtechnik is known for manufacturing high accuracy and custom Coriolis, variable area and magnetic flowmeters as well as density and level measuring instruments. 

Brooks Instrument, a world-leading provider of flow measurement and control devices and level gauges, has announced that it has acquired certain assets of Celerity’s Instrumentation division, a technology leader in precision instruments and advanced gas and liquid delivery solutions for the global semiconductor, solar, and electronics industries... More.

Emerson Process Management has announced it has acquired the online wet chemistry analyzers product line of Hawthorne, NY based SI Industrial Instruments, Inc. (dba Scientific Instruments) for use in the power and water treatment markets. The Scientific Instruments product line becomes part of Emerson Process Management, expanding its Rosemount Analytical solutions with reliable, low maintenance measuring systems used extensively in the power and steam generation industry... More

CSA Group has officially announced that they have acquired SIRA Test and Certification Limited, a world leader in the conformity assessment solutions field which specializes in the testing of safety equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres, and three affiliated companies. 

Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC has acquired CS Innovations, LLC, a leading Instrumentation and Control (I&C) nuclear product supplier to the digital I&C safety system upgrade market.

Honeywell has announced it has signed a definitive agreement valued at approximately $400 million USD to acquire the RMG GROUP (RMG Regel + Messtechnik GmbH and all of its subsidiaries, together RMG) a Kassel, Germany-based global leader in natural gas measuring and control products, services and integrated solutions. RMG will be integrated into Honeywell Process Solutions, which is part of Honeywell’s Automation and Control Solutions business group. The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals.

ICEnew — Great new Technical Links posted on ICEweb.

ICEweb has developed the following pages thanks to our sponsor Prochem Pipeline Products;
Heat Tracing and Bundles - Heat Tracing, Bundles, Heated Hose, General theory, Applications and more!
Instrument Valves, Accessories, Enclosures, Sunshades and Supports 
Pressure Regulators - General Theory, Technical Papers, Maintenance, Applications and more.
Samplers - On-Line Samplers Liquid Samplers, Gas Samplers, Solids Samplers, Applications and more
Monoflanges, Instrument Manifolds - Technical Data, Specifications, Application Data, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and more.

Just click on the title header to go to ICEweb's super pages on each of the following subjects.

Analysers - ICEwebs Analyser pages cover many types of analysers plus their associated sample systems.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced their ARL 3460 Advantage metals analyser. An extension of the their optical emission spectrometers portfolio, this unit features four configurations specifically designed for the analysis of cast iron, steel and aluminum samples, addressing the analytical requirements of foundries and metals processing companies. Calibrated in the factory, the analyzer provides an immediate, accurate, cost-effective and high-performance turn-key solution, which is ready to analyze samples from installation.

The Analyzer Technician Opportunities Project (ATOP) has announced the completion of the Analyzer Technician Competency Model, a formal document defining the skills and competencies needed for analyzer technicians working in the field.

Cut out the waiting with the MDM300 Advanced Dew-point Hygrometer - Michell Instruments advise that their dew-point hygrometer can save engineers weeks of waiting time each year. Recent research into the operation of Michell Instruments' ceramic sensor technology has helped the MDM300 provide faster measurements. Dew points as low as -70°C can now be measured accurately in less than 10 minutes - faster in many cases. This super-fast response does not rely on the sensor being dried by a desiccant, which means that every measurement is fast - not just the first of the day - allowing for many more measurements to be taken each day.

Heated Tubing: Prefabricated or Field Trace & Insulate? - Peter R. Baen and Rory R. Johnson - Heated instrument tubing is common throughout industry and is most often used for winterization. It is also common for tubing to be maintained at high temperatures for viscous processes or to keep gas samples above dew point and prevent condensation. In many cases the tubing is field routed, electrical heat tracing is then installed, followed by the insulation and weather barrier. Alternatively, pre-insulated and heat traced "tube bundles" are designed to expedite installation, minimize total installed cost, and ensure predictable and reliable operation. This paper addresses the advantages and limitations of both approaches. See more information on ICEweb's Heat Tracing and Tube Bundles page.

Control Global have an excellent Process Analyser Systems page which provide an excellent Guide to several Process Analyzer Technology (PAT) System reference articles. These include;
- Process Analyzer Resources
- When is it Time to Retire your PAT System?
- PAT System Reliability
- What keeps Process Analyzer Engineers up at Night?
- Process Analyzer Reliability, Maintenance & Service
- Process Analyzer System Safety and Ergonomics Part II
- Process Analyzer System Safety and Ergonomics Part I
- More About Cost Estimating Process Analyzer Projects
- Cost Estimating for Process Analyzer Projects
- Project Roadmaps Get You There
- Accurately Scoping Process Analyzer Projects
- How to Launch an Analyzer System Lifecycle Reliability Program

Cables - Check out ICEweb's new Cable Pages. We are looking for more technical papers on these and other Electrical subjects. 

Protection or Degradation - Separate the ‘quiet’ cables such as analog I/O lines, digital I/O lines, or LAN connections - Motors starting, stopping, switches on and off, controls blinking in and out … it is a cacophony of electrical clatter. In today’s industrial environments, electronic devices, signal and power wiring, and other electrical plant/process equipment often interact to create “noise” or electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems, which can degrade critical measurement and control signals.  Proper grounding and shielding techniques can help reduce or eliminate these problems and maintain signal integrity. From InTech.

Control Valves - A Control Valve Repository which just has heaps of great useful technical information.

Rethink your Control Valve Maintenance - Neal Rinehart - Learn how new diagnostic tools can help make predictive maintenance a reality - Far too little has been done over the years to sustain the performance of control valves once they go into operation, despite widespread agreement on the impact that valves have on process efficiency. Rather than considering control valves as assets to be preserved, too many plants treat them as liabilities — frequently replacing critical valves during shutdown for no reason other than length of service. As a result, millions of dollars have been wasted and perfectly good control valves often have been discarded.

How to achieve optimal Control Valve Performance - Shawn Anderson and Neal Rinehart - Leaders in the process industries realise that good process control performance is an essential element in achieving world-class reliability as well as optimizing overall process efficiency. Since control valves are the only devices in the process loop that actually “move” to adjust the process, their performance is critical. The best way to achieve excellent performance is to initially select the most appropriate final control valve for the application and then to maintain its performance over time.

Valve Wellness Programs - David W. Douglas - To maximize the utility of diagnostic equipment used in chemical processing, technicians must stretch their knowledge of control valves and related diagnostic equipment that keeps tabs on valve health and safety.

Improving Valve Life and Operating Efficiency The Easy Way - John C. Robertson - Valves are, unquestionably, the most important part of any piping and pumping system because they direct the flow of fluids and regulate temperatures. Properly used and maintained, they can improve process efficiency and lower costs. It is wise to apply the basics of proper valve maintenance in ways that improve their life cycle and operating efficiency. Here are eight often-overlooked valve maintenance basics that can help you do just that.

The Plant Maintenance Resource Center has some very useful links on Control Valves.

Control Systems - Covering vast array of technical subjects on Control Systems such as Advanced Process Control, Alarm Management, Batch Control, Cascade Control, Compressor Surge Control, Control Room Design, Control Forums, Fuzzy Logic, Decentralised Control,  Pneumatic Controllers,  Process Sequence Control Documentation Standards, Programmable Automation Controllers, Loop Tuning and much more.

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ICEweb's Control page has added a whole heap of information on OPC. 

A major new standard on the development, installation, and management of alarm systems in the process industries has reached a significant milestone. ISA-18.2, "Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries," has been approved by the ISA Standards & Practices Board and, following final approval by the American National Standards Institute, is expected to be published in July.

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced that it has released the latest version of its process control system: Proficy® Process Systems – Version 1.6. Proficy Process Systems is a fully-integrated process control system that, based on its flexible configuration, architecture and choice of controller platforms, can provide customers in different industries with an advanced DCS or hybrid process control system to meet their specific needs. These systems will improve operational performance and productivity and provide customers with a sustainable advantage for their business.

ISA88 Batch Standards and User Resources, 3rd Edition - With a wealth of information on a single CD-ROM, the ISA88 Batch Standards and User Resources is now in its Third Edition and compiles the essential ISA batch systems standards, technical publications, and other important information for the industrial automation and control systems professional. The CD includes the following:
• ISA-88.01-1995 (R2006), Batch Control Part 1: Models and Terminology
• ANSI/ISA-88.00.04-2006, Batch Control Part 4: Batch Production Records
• ANSI/ISA-88.00.03-2003, Batch Control Part 3: General and Site Recipe Models and Representation
• ANSI/ISA-88.00.02-2001, Batch Control Part 2: Data Structures and Guidelines for Languages
• ISA-TR88.0.03-1996, Possible Recipe Procedure Presentation Formats

Corrosion - Need to know about a corrosion issue? You are likely to find an answer in these pages.

Forms of Corrosion - This article from cheresources covers Uniform Attack, Galvanic, Crevice, Pitting, Intergranular, Selective Leaching, Erosion, and Stress Corrosion.

Condition Monitoring - ICEweb has added a new page on this subject and we are looking for more technical articles or papers - please send them to ICEnews.

Condition Monitoring Software made Easy -  Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE in Kaiserslautern, Germany, have developed a condition monitoring system for Lösi GmbH, which can adapt to various facilities without the need for manual programming. From ISA.

Machine Condition Monitoring Technical Library - Machine Condition Monitoring is the process of monitoring the condition of a machine. Vibration, noise, and temperature measurements are often used as key indicators of the state of the machine. Trends in the data provide health information about the machine and help detect machine faults early, which prevents unexpected failure and costly repair. This link from National Instruments has some good condition monitoring articles.

Analyse This - Todd Reeves - Many production problems can be averted with better information regarding the condition of pumping equipment. Route-based vibration monitoring systems contribute useful data, but they do not provide frequent enough coverage of critical motor-pump trains and other machines. However, a technology now exists to continuously monitor such equipment and identify process-induced machine anomalies before harm is done.

Optimising Process Equipment Performance - Todd Reeves -  Advances in transmitters and related systems can maximise rotating equipment and pump reliability at minimum cost. These advances involve integration of online equipment monitoring with process control systems. From Emerson Process Management.

The Case for Condition Monitoring -  What exactly is condition monitoring? How does it differ from other maintenance philosophies? And in what way does it impact the discipline of control engineering in the typical plant? Steve Sabin provides some answers. Thanks to Control Engineering Asia.

Selecting & Installing Accelerometers - Over the past decade, trending vibration parameters has become the most widely-used technology for monitoring machinery health. Industrial accelerometers have become the workhorse in the Predictive Maintenance market. These sensors are extremely rugged, provide a wide dynamic range, and are available in a variety of configurations to meet individual installation requirements.Confusion often arises when selecting the proper accelerometer for a given application. There are many good general purpose accelerometers that may address 80% of the applications. It is the other 20% that require special vibration sensors. These applications may include very high frequency monitoring, very low frequency measurements, very low amplitude, high temperature installations, and many others. This paper/presentation outlines the basic design characteristics of accelerometers. Special attention will be given to describing the criteria that makes up specialty sensors such as a low frequency accelerometer. Application guidance will be given regarding installing accelerometers, mounting techniques, and cabling. From Davidson.

Accelerometer Selection Considerations - Jim Lally - This paper reviews sensor selection considerations involving two general types of piezoelectric sensors. High impedance, charge mode (PE) type and Integral Electronic Piezo Electric (referred to as IEPE) with a characteristic low impedance output. In addition to sensor electrical and physical characteristics, several factors play a role in the selection of an accelerometer for a specific application. These factors include environmental, operational, channel count and system compatibility considerations.From Davidson.

Condition Monitoring in the 21st Century - Sandy Dunn - This paper outlines some of the key business opportunities and issues which are driving change in the industry, summarise some of the resulting trends and then draws some conclusions regarding the implications of these trends for Condition Monitoring equipment manufacturers and suppliers, Condition Monitoring contractors, and organisations employing Condition Monitoring techniques.The focus of this paper is on Vibration Monitoring technologies, but many of the issues, opportunities, trends and implications are similar across the other areas of Condition Monitoring technology. Thanks to

Condition Monitoring: Misused and Misunderstood - Mark Liebler - Condition  monitoring is perhaps the most misused and misunderstood of all industrial plant improvement programs. It is typically defined as a means of preventing catastrophic failure in critical rotating machinery - such as power generation plant, larger pumps and main arterial conveying systems - and providing the data needed to accurately determine the optimal schedule for maintenance activities on this plant. It is largely viewed as a “maintenance tool”, with little relevance to plant management and operations. In truth, condition monitoring can and should play a much broader role in the modern industrial operations: it is a tool that helps effectively manage site plant assets, logistics and labour requirements. Thanks to

Data Loggers

DataTaker have a range of online training options  including; 
- DataTaker Online Training Workshop
- The complete set of presentation slides developed for the 3 day dataTaker Training Workshop. Designed to be used on your own, at your own pace. The presentation focuses on understanding the fundamentals of data acquisition and data logging. Including detailed programming examples, covering basic to advanced users of data loggers. Used in conjunction with the self paced worked example exercises within a hands on environment.
- Online Video Tutorials 
- Online Workshop Exercises 
- Need to program a DataTaker? - The datataker WIKI is a really great site specific to datataker programming

Dynamic Process Simulators and Training Systems - Plenty of information on this subject.

3 new papers have been added to ICEweb's Dynamic Process Simulators and Training Systems page.

Electrical - Many pages on the various Electrical subjects

The new IE3 Minimum Efficiency Standard for New Electric Motors that will become part of Europe's mandatory requirements starting in 2015 is already available in Baldor's range. IE3 is effectively the same as the USA's NEMA Premium standard, and over the last few years Baldor has developed a very broad range of super-efficient IEC frame types alongside its NEMA Premium motors for domestic American markets. With efficiencies up to 96%-plus, upgrading to one of these IE3 motors now could repay a motor's capital investment cost several times over by 2015, as well as generate substantial ongoing energy cost savings for users.

Enclosures - We have added additional technical references to our Enclosures page, thanks to our sponsor Weidmuller Australia .

Weidmüller has enhanced its Klippon® STB series of enclosures: stainless-steel series for use in standard industrial and harsh environments.The Klippon® STB (Small Terminal Box) range has been technically improved to be in line with the latest standards relating to hazardous area equipment (IEC / EN 60079, ATEX) and DIN 62208 which covers the empty enclosures.

Shutdown and Blowdown ESD Valves

Assessment of Valve Failures in the Offshore Oil & Gas Sector - John Peters -  This comprehensive report describes the findings of an assessment study of data-set information regarding valve problems in the UK Offshore Oil & Gas Industry. It was undertaken by the National Engineering Laboratory, on behalf of the Offshore Division of Health & Safety Executive, as part of a wider initiative to reduce hydrocarbon releases. From the UK HSE.

Emergency Shutdown Valve Study - Industry Operating Experiences and Views; The Way Forward- John Peters - An older study but still very relevant. From the UK HSE.

Flow - These pages cover; Coriolis, Metering,  Multiphase, Orifice Plates, Ultrasonic, Thermal, V-Cone, Vortex and more!

Focus on Liquid Flow Measurement -  Controlling the flow rate of liquids is a key control mechanism for any chemical plant.  There are many different types of devices available to measure flow. This article from cheresources covers some of the basics.

Wafer-Cone Flow Meter Offers High Accuracy For Natural Gas Small Line Wellhead Measurement - Engineers in search of a reliable solution for wellhead gas flow measurement will find that the flexible Wafer-Cone® Flow Meter from McCrometer provides good accuracy, versatility and low maintenance in the smaller line sizes utilized for natural gas wells.

Subsea Flow Measurement - Marcus Davis - 
Flow measurement in subsea production systems, modules and templates is a challenge for flow meters. The complexity of subsea production systems ranges from simple satellite wells with one line to complex multiple well sites with a network of lines. Several pipe lines join together below the surface and will eventually extend to a fixed platform, Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessel (FPSO), or perhaps a pipeline running to a land-based operation. Flow measurement is required in all phases of these operations, especially at well heads and where lines merge.

Fire and Gas - Technical Papers covering many aspects of fire and gas engineering.

Abhisam Software have announced a discounted rate for all e-learning products. The RFID and Gas Monitors courses will be available for just US$69.

Honeywell Analytics have announced the launch of Sensepoint XCD, an internationally certified gas detector that offers a number of robust solutions for the detection of flammable, toxic and Oxygen gases in potentially explosive atmospheres. Sensepoint XCD offers excellent flexibility and is suited to a wide range of industrial applications. The device can detect flammable, toxic or Oxygen gases in a 3-wire 4-20mA format with relay outputs. In addition they have also announced the launch of the Signalpoint Pro, an Intrinsically Safe (IS) certified gas detector that offers a low-cost solution for the detection of toxic and Oxygen gases in potentially explosive atmospheres worldwide.

Fibre Optic Temperature Laser Radar - This is a useful fire warning device, however information on it is limited. 

Technology Status Report on Natural Gas Leak Detection in Pipelines -  The reliable and timely detection of failure of any part of the pipeline is critical to ensure the reliability of the natural gas infrastructure. This report reviews the current status of the technology for leak detection from the natural gas pipelines. The first part briefly reviews various leak detection methods used in the natural gas pipelines. The second part reviews the optical methods used for natural gas leak detection, and the final part reviews the potential sensors that can be used with optical methods.

ProDetec has announced the availability of a New Hazardous Area Certified Handheld Test Lamp for its range of Multispectrum Optical Flame Detectors covering both IR3 and UV/IR detection range.  The emission spectrum of the lamp covers both UV and IR detection range. The emission is modulated to simulate the typical flickering of flames. This allows testing of most UV, IR and UV/IR flame detectors as well as Simtronics range of MultiSpectrum Optical Flame Detectors (IR3 & UV/2IR).

Hazardous Areas Instrumentation and Electrical Equipment - A huge technical library of Technical Information covering a wide range of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas.

Abhisam Software have announced a discounted rate for all e-learning products. The Hazardous Area Instrumentation course will now be available for just US$99.

Abhisam Software have released their E-Book - Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification , this inexpensive publication only costs US$27!

ICEweb's Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas
Technical Information and Intrinsic Safety, Barriers and Isolators pages have just become available for annual sponsorship. Statistics show that these pages receive around 800 page views per month. Our rates are very competitive and can equate to around Aust$4 PER DAY.

The ISA12 standards committee has approved a newly revised ISA-60079-15 standard specifying requirements for the construction, testing and marking for Group II electrical apparatus with type of protection, "n" intended for use in Class I, Zone 2 hazardous (classified) locations as defined by the National Electrical Code® (NEC®), ANSI/NFPA 70.

High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems - (HIPPS) A swag of information on this interesting subject.


The following have been added to ICEweb's Hydraulic page
Wellhead Control and Hydraulic Power
- An overview design requirements NORSKE standard.
What Happened to NAS 1638? - Mike Day - If you obtain the latest issue of NAS 1638 you will find the following statements: “Inactive for new designs after May 30, 2001, see AS4059C” and “6.1.3 This standard should not be used with Automatic Particle Counting.” This is a result of recent changes to the ISO contamination standards for automatic particle counter (APC) calibration3, which necessitated the review of NAS 1638 and resulted in its withdrawal for newly designed systems - From
Wellhead Hydraulic Control Panel Water Based Fluids - Oceanic HW fluids are water based hydraulic media specifically formulated for use in modern subsea production control systems. Their low viscosity promotes optimum system response, while a sophisticated additive package provides a high degree of protection against wear, cor-rosion and microbiological degradation. The Oceanic HW fluids have been developed in close consultation with component manufacturers, and are now in worldwide use, helping to achieve maximum production system safety and reliability.
Wellhead Hydraulic Control Panel Specification - Although not a full specification this is a useful design guide.

Level - Technical Information covering a wide range of level subjects including General Theory, Capacitance, Displacer, Float/Magnetic, Radar, Ultrasonic, Boiler Level and more!
Sound Advice - The measurement of level and flow is crucial to effective and efficient waste water treatment. Ultrasonic technology promises that and some more. From Siemens.

Pressure - Covers General Theory,  Technical Papers,  Transmitters, Regulators, Safety Tips, Blockage Tool and more Pressure Related Technologies.
Pressure Gauge Selection - When selecting a pressure gauge consideration should be given to a number of parameters which have an effect on gauge accuracy, safety, and utility.

Pressure Relief Valves - A very comprehensive resource covering Technical Papers, Technical  Manuals, Engineering Handbook, Calculations, Sizing, Selection and Relief Design.

Rupture Discs - Specifications, Standards, Technical Papers and Articles.

Test and Calibration - Technical Papers and Articles on  how to test and calibrate along with typical equipment.

Security - We all need to be much more today of security issues and the technology available to overcome them. 

The Tofino Industrial Security Solution has been selected by Yokogawa Electric Corporation as the first industrial firewall
, giving Yokogawa’s CENTUM CS 3000 Production Control System and STARDOM Network-based Control System customers access to security technology. Jointly developed and marketed by MTL Instruments (a part of Cooper Crouse-Hinds) and Byres Security Inc., the Tofino Industrial Security Solution is designed specifically for industrial control operations in critical industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, utilities and power generation.

Cyber Security And The Pipeline Control System - Eric J. Byres -  Sound strategy, regardless of whether it is for military, physical or cyber security, relies on the concept of “defense in depth.” Effective security is created by layering multiple security solutions so that if one is bypassed another will provide the defense. This means not overrelying on any single technology such as a firewall. Firewalls aren’t bad technology. In fact, they are a fantastic tool in the security toolbox. But, industry has misused them by believing they will solve all security - from Tofino Security.

The Repository of Industrial Security Incidents is a database of incidents of a cyber security nature that have (or could have) affected process control, industrial automation or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. The purpose of RISI is to collect, investigate, analyze, and share important industrial security incidents among member companies so they can learn from the experiences of others. RISI includes accidental cyber-related incidents, as well deliberate events such as external hacks, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, and virus/worm infiltrations that did or could have resulted in loss of control, loss of production, or a process safety incident (e.g. fire, explosion, chemical release, injuries, fatalities, etc.). Data is collected through research into publicly known incidents and from private reporting.

The newly formed, non-profit Security Incidents OrganizationTM has announced it will provide public access to The Repository of Industrial Security Incidents (RISI). RISI is an industry-wide repository for collecting, investigating, analyzing and sharing critical information regarding cyber security incidents that directly affect SCADA, manufacturing and process control systems. With over 150 incidents, RISI is the largest known collection of industrial cyber security incidents. 

Solenoid Valves   - A comprehensive Technical Reference

Surge and Lightning Protection - It will never happen to me? Don't you believe it...Globally, some 2000 on-going thunderstorms cause about 100 lightning strikes to earth each second!! This page provides a comprehensive range of links to help resolve the potential effects.

Test and Calibration - You can find a huge range of Test and Calibration technical papers and articles in ICEweb's comprehensive page, thanks to our sponsor Zedflo Australia

Temperature - Covering a whole range of temperature measuring techniques along with General Theory, Conversions, Selection, Application this page must be your first choice when looking for quality technical information.

Sensor Frequently Asked Questions - From dataTaker  - This link provides an excellent range of questions relating to sensors covering Wiring & Installation issues, Enclosures & Ambient conditions, Temperature Measurement including Thermocouples, RTD's and Thermistors, Resistance Devices, Current and 4-20mA Loops, Load Cells, Bridges and Strain Gauges and finally Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges.

Valves - ICEwebs Valveweb page has been completely reworked to help you get to your required information quickly and efficiently.  Thanks to our sponsors tyco flow control pacific

Variable Speed Drives - Check out ICEwebs new Variable Speed Drives Page. We are looking for more technical papers on these and other Electrical subjects. 

ICEsafety — Information and News on Safety Instrumented Systems , Burner Management Systems, Manufacturing & Safety Automation,  and Health & Safety.

HIMA Australia are running the following training courses; 

TÜV Functional Safety Program - This course has been developed to provide an overview of current industry standards, functional safety concepts and current tools used to determine safety levels while applying industry recognised techniques and methodologies.
Brisbane - Tuesday  8th December to Friday 11th December 2009

Analysis & Design of SIS Training Course - The objective of this course is to provide engineers with the knowledge required to analyse and design safety instrumented systems (SIS) in accordance with the analysis and realisation phases of the AS61511 safety life-cycle.
Sydney – Tuesday 8th September
Darwin – Tuesday 22nd September
Gladstone – Tuesday 6th October
Melbourne – Wednesday 4th November
Brisbane – Tuesday 10th November

Operations & Maintenance of SIS Training Course - The objective of this course is to provide operations and maintenance personnel with the knowledge required to operate and maintain safety instrumented systems (SIS) such that the designed functional safety is maintained throughout the operation and maintenance phases of the AS61511 safety life-cycle.
Sydney – Wednesday 9th September
Darwin – Wednesday 23rd September
Gladstone – Wednesday 7th October
Melbourne – Thursday 5th November
Brisbane – Wednesday 11th November

HIQuad Maintenance & Troubleshooting Course - The objective of this 2 day course is to provide detailed hands-on system troubleshooting exposure for engineers and technicians maintaining HIQuad SIL rated safety systems.
Perth - Tuesday 1st September 2009
Brisbane - Thursday 12th November 2009

HIMatrix Maintenance Course - The objective of this 2 day course is to provide hands-on troubleshooting for HIMatrix systems and insight into ELOP II Factory Software and the HIMatrix controller.
Perth - Tuesday 20th October 2009

The Process Safety Leadership Group (PSLG), which is made up of key representatives from several high hazard industries has launched a set of key principles to enhance the safety of their industrial processes. The Process Safety Principles set out eight guidelines emphasising the importance of strong leadership from the board to the factory floor to manage the risks of potentially dangerous industrial processes. Companies will now be expected to show real progress towards learning from previous incidents and improving the management and control of process safety hazards. Stephen Elliott, CIA Chief Executive, said "the chemical industry has a good record on process safety and learning from other sectors, and in response to the Buncefield and Texas City incidents we published a Best Practice Guide in 2008 based on detailed research of leadership in our member companies. But we can never be complacent and must always be looking for continuous improvement. The Process Safety Principles launched today are a timely reminder of the responsibility industry leaders have to ensure that we minimise the risks from our high hazard processes to employees and to the general population around chemical sites. "

Seize Control of Safety and Productivity - It is about time the people responsible for machine safety and operation – engineers, electricians and integrators – quite literally took control. Because plant safety is most effective when it is incorporated into the very design of the plant, it makes sense for the plant's designers and managers to design and manage its safety and control functions too. Unfortunately, this is rare. The rise of safe field bus and the safety PLC shredded the red tape associated with time consuming lockout tag-out procedures and promised to make safety every bit as efficient as the production line they safeguarded but with one serious limitation: the language of code made them inaccessible to many of their users. The design of safety systems instead became the domain of specialist programmers. 

Safety Instrumented Systems: The "Logic" of Single Loop Logic Solvers - What can the "new generation" of safety-certified Single Loop Logic Solvers do for you? Find out by reading this informative white paper from Moore Industries.

Next Generation Safety Controller Maximizes Availability for Demanding Process Applications - The nemesis of all continuous processes is unplanned stoppage resulting from controls malfunction, equipment failure, or operator error. System availability can be improved significantly through the use of redundant control architectures – especially those that allow hot-swapping or on-the-fly program changes. Modern process safety solutions provide comprehensive diagnostics that help users to recognize safety-critical situations and act quickly and accordingly to avoid unnecessary system shutdowns. This paper from ARC highlights why companies should invest in process safety.

Why make Automation Complicated when it can be so Easy? - Developments in automation generally have an eye on time and cost savings. Reducing these is a declared objective. The new PSS4000 automation system from Pilz offers a solution for all machine control and safety technology functions, including motion control, diagnostics and visualisation. The objective was to simplify the decentralisation of control functionalities and reduce the engineering work. The groundbreaking software platform PAS4000 plays a key role. It enables users to retain a centralised perspective, even of decentralised, distributed control structures.  

Vessel overflow protection systems seem so simple, so straightforward—that is until one of them fails to work properly and your plant is the six o’clock news -  The underlying concept required of an automated overfill protection system seems so simple: If the level of a vessel reaches a pre-determined maximum, then stop the flow of liquid filling the vessel. Satisfying such a simple requirement occurs in toilets, clothes washers, and dishwashers every day, so what is the big deal? The big deal is the liquid in toilets, washers, and dishwashers is water, not a highly flammable, possibly toxic, fuel or chemical. In addition, remember if the overfill protection system fails and there is even a minor incident, government investigators are going to want to see evidence you applied the principles of IEC 61511. Thanks to InTech.

Buncefield Explosion Report Released - The UK Health and Safety Executive have released the Phase 1 Report on the Explosion Mechanism Work at Buncefield. The Buncefield explosion on 11 December 2005 resulted in tremendous damage to the outlying area and huge fires involving 23 large oil fuel tanks. One important aspect of the incident was the severity of the explosion, which would not have been anticipated in any major hazard assessment of the oil storage depot before the incident. The Buncefield Major Incident Investigation Board (MIIB) invited explosion experts from academia and industry to form an Advisory Group to advise on the work that would be required to explain the severity of the Buncefield explosion.

Free Video - Interview with Committee Members for the IEC 61511 standard - The IEC 61511 standard was released in 2004 and is currently under maintenance. Committee members are working on shaping the next standard release on a number of issues. Safety Users Group met with Chairman Mr. Victor Maggioli and a number of committee members who accepted to answer questions to history, benefi ts and predictable moves for the standards.

Smart Instruments in Safety Instrumented Systems - Tom Nobes - The U.K.'s largest nuclear site operator implements IEC61508 and finds the quality of instrument firmware to be variable, but improving.

EEMUA, the Engineering Equipment & Materials Users'' Association, the Energy Industries Council (EIC) and Oil & Gas UK have  announced publication of a new industry guide: ''Guide to the application of IEC 61511 to safety instrumented systems in the UK process industries''. This Guide, written by leading experts, including from the Health & Safety Executive, provides guidance and recommendations on the application of IEC 61511 for the specification and implementation of safety instrumented systems, systems designed to bring a process plant to a safe state should a hazardous incident occur. It is intended to explain how to use the IEC 61511 standard effectively and addresses the responsibility and deliverables of organisations involved in the specification, supply and maintenance of safety instrumented systems. 

Introduction & background to IEC 61508  - Ron Bell - Over the past 25 years there have been a number of initiatives worldwide to develop guidelines and standards to enable the safe exploitation of programmable electronic systems used for safety applications. In the context of industrial applications (to distinguish from aerospace and military applications) a major initiative has been focussed on IEC 61508 and this standard is emerging as a key international standard in many industrial sectors. This paper looks at the background to the development of IEC 61508, considers some of the key features and indicates some of the issues that are being considered in the current revision of the standard. Thanks to the Safety Users group.

Emerson Process Management have announced the availability of its Rosemount® 5300 Guided Wave Radar (GWR) level transmitters for SIL 2 safety instrumented systems. Following successful third-party evaluation, the 5300 series now comes with the required Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA) report.

The new "WRS 24V DC SIL 3" offered by Weidmüller is a safety relay for the emergency shutdown of plants and plant components in the process industry. The relay considerably increases plant availability and safety. It fulfils the requirements of safety level SIL 3 (Safety Integrity Level) and has been certified by the Technical Inspection Agency TÜV NORD according to EN 61508.

ICEtools— Software and offers that will help with engineering design.

Really excellent free tools to help you in your job and at home can be found on ICEweb’s “Tools” page.

Ever forgotten a Math Symbol? - get help here ! Math symbols that represent mathematical concepts.

ICEwireless – News and technical links to Industrial Instrumentation Wireless items of interest

The following wireless links are thanks to our sponsor Abhisam Software

RFID Case Study ebook -This excellent 61 page technical reference has details on 25 different RFID applications from around the world. The password to the document is "abhisam". .

Sponsor Abisham Software have provided the world's first FREE RFID e-learning course which is a no obligation , no strings attached, absolutely free RFID course, that can be downloaded to your own PC and you can view it without any restrictions at all! Plus it's a REAL e-learning course, NOT somebody's stale Power-Point presentation! It has plenty of flash based animations, graphics and text, with a self-assessment test. The visuals help you learn key concepts QUICKLY and EASILY.

ICEweb's comprehensive wireless page has many links to a wide range of excellent papers on wireless.

ISA100.11a-- the final, final votes are in-- and it doesn't call for strict interoperability and interchangeability - Oh NO not appears that the poor old end user is going to be saddled with interoperability and interchangeability issues, really does anyone ever learn! Walt Boyes gives his thoughts.

The ZigBee Alliance, a global ecosystem of companies creating standardized wireless solutions for use in energy management, commercial and consumer applications, has announced it will incorporate global IT standards from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) into its specification portfolio of low-power wireless networking standards. This move will expand the growing portfolio of successful ZigBee specifications and should further advance the rapid growth of Smart Grid applications that have widely adopted the proven ZigBeeSmart Energy public application profile. Read more.

K-TEK has announced the availability of the DX80 Wireless Transmitter & Receiver, a low cost method for transmitting data between process sensors and higher level systems, such as DCS or SCADA systems. Designed for robust, secure communication, the DX80 includes two devices, a Node (wireless transmitter) that resides in the field and interfaces to K-TEK's precision measurement devices, and a Gateway (wireless receiver) that resides in the main control panel and interfaces to a PC or PLC. Each Node accepts up to two (2) analog and two (2) discrete switch inputs. Each Gateway accepts up to 55 Nodes.

Emerson have announced the release of AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager 5.3, part of its industry-leading asset management software. The new AMS Machinery Manager release expands end-user machinery monitoring by adding Smart Wireless vibration, new autoplot capabilities and advanced alarm analysis and management. With AMS Machinery Manager 5.3, end users gain new insight into the operations of their critical machinery through the integration of wireless vibration information from the CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter. In addition to wireless vibration diagnostics, process data from any WirelessHART™-enabled transmitter can be imported into AMS Machinery Manager. Part of a complete wireless solution for machinery monitoring, AMS Machinery Manager combines diagnostics from wireless devices with other machinery health information to deliver a complete picture of equipment health and reliability.

Honeywell have released the first ISA100.11a-ready wireless radar gauge that helps process manufacturers monitor tank levels and prevent hazardous incidents in their plants and terminals. The FlexLine Wireless Radar Gauge improves operator awareness by capturing a wide array of tank measurements and quickly transmitting them via the OneWireless™ network to control rooms. This reduces overall operating costs and improves safety by eliminating the need for manual data collection. In addition they have released their XYR™ 6000 wireless Valve Position Sensor which helps to improve overall plant reliability by giving users the ability to remotely monitor a greater number of applications within their processing facilities.

ICEtime¾ Seminars, Tradeshows, Conferences and Events of interest to our readership.

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Take a look at ISA's comprehensive calendar of Automation events






1 - 3       IT, Automation, Control & Communication Technologies in the Power Industry Conference - Melbourne , Australia  


6 - 11    IMEKO XIX World Congress - Lisbon, Portugal


29 - 30  Wireless Technologies Conference - Millennium Hotel and Resort - Stuttgart, Germany



6     ISA EXPO - Reliant Center Houston, TX United States

15   Fieldbus Foundation NA End User Seminar - 701 W. Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA United States

26 - FDT Technology - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

27 - FDT Technology - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

27 - 28  ISA Robotics & Expert Systems and Telemetry Communications Symposium - Houston, TX , USA

29 -30 Remote 2009 Conference & Expo - SCADA, Device Networking, M2M, Wireless Technology, Onsite Power and Security for Remote Sites - San Antonio, Texas, USA


3    Fieldbus Foundation NA End User Seminar - 3000 NASA Road One, Pasadena, TX, USA

3    Offshore Communications 2009 - Houston Marriott Westchase, Houston, TX United, USA

5    Fieldbus Foundation NA End User Seminar - 3201 Sage Road, Houston, TX, USA



31 to Feb 4  IFPAC Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, USA

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Well recognised by such brand names as Circle Seal Controls, Hoke Gyrolok fittings and Go Regulators, CIRCOR International Inc is a leading supplier of valves, related products and services to a wide range of users who require precise, efficient and safe fluid control systems.  For over 125 years they have been providing a complete array of fluid control products and technologies to a highly fragmented industry. 

For more information go to 

Honeywell Analytics Fire and Gas Detection  

The Honeywell Analytics group of companies provides gas detection solutions in industries where potentially hazardous chemicals and gases exist.  A full range of fixed gas, portable gas and flame detection equipment is available for the measurement of flammable gases, toxic gases and oxygen concentrations.  The company provides design, development and manufacture of electrochemical, catalytic and infrared sensors, along with Chemcassette technology, placing the company at the forefront of innovation. The company offers solutions to increasingly difficult gas detection and monitoring applications.
They also offer project management for specialized fire and gas systems, a global network of service centres and 24-hour on-line technical support.

For more information go to



The Grimwood range of flanged immersion heaters can now be manufactured to provide hazardous area protection for users in the Asia Pacific region. Depending on the location and operating environment, units can be made in either carbon steel or stainless steel. The benefits of using locally designed and manufactured product fully complying with hazardous area requirements are shorter supply chains and lead times and quicker, clearer communication. 



Prochem is Australia’s leading supplier of quality stainless steel piping and mechanical instrumentation products. They are agents for a huge range of instrumentation products including Hoke Gyrolok, Hoke Instrumentation Valves, Circor Tech Products, Go Regulators, Circle seal, Atkomatic Solenoid Valves, Classic Filters, Manual Sample Systems, King Instrument Company , Hoke Pipe Fittings , Anderson Greenwood Instrument Valves , Anderson Greenwood Primary Isolation Valves , Pacson Valves and ATC Actuators, BSM Valves, O'Brien Tracepak and O'Brien Analytical, BuTech , Stainless Steel Tube, Saddles and Leak Check , Teflon Lined Braided Hoses. 


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