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Editorial "Economic Woes - Lets look for the opportunities" - Hi Everyone, I hope that you are not becoming too depressed by the economic woes which are besetting the world at the moment. The main thing is not to panic and perhaps look where it can perhaps even have some opportunities for your business.

This can include such things as;

(1) A review of the operation in terms of streamlining the business by adopting a efficiency drive, utilising your personnel to put together ideas with cost benefit analysis of each of them. This may mean some investment, however with huge potential benefits and cost savings down the track. For instance you may have a photocopier which is always going wrong and hence costing huge amounts in time wasted, it may be worthwhile and very cost effective to buy a new one.

(2) Look at where automation can improve the business and provide labour efficiency bonuses.

(3) A review of personnel, just who are contributing and those who may not be, making some hard decisions to move forward. Develop Key Performance Indicators and requirements with agreed targets. 

(4) Now is the time perhaps to "grab" those really good Instrumentation, Automation, Control and fire and Gas people that may be laid off by less forward thinking companies, we all know that the skills shortage is here to stay and only going to get worse.

(5) Introduce flexible working practices in your workforce, involving them in the decision making in regards to any downturn. Generally people are very understanding and will do their utmost to help resolve problems.

(6) Have a "waste" drive, identifying where savings can be achieved. 

Ultimately we are very fortunate in that the Automation business is a real niche which gives companies opportunities to reduce costs and become more efficient, what we need to do is make sure that this message gets out there.

One thing is for sure the situation will not last forever and things will turn keep smiling and enjoy life!

Jim Russell

ICEart - Technical articles related to instrumentation and control (Just "click" on the Hyperlink for the full article or paper)

Exd Flanged Immersion Heaters with IEC Certification -Over the years it has been difficult to source Exd Certified immersion heaters and often this has led to a certification nightmare for those engineers responsible for the associated equipment packages. At last industry now has a choice when it comes to ensuring that their hazardous area electrical heating requirements are met. Until now the only option has been to import equipment from the UK, or to continue using equipment not fully complying with current flameproof requirements.

GF Piping Systems has introduced the next generation of Signet DryLoc pH/ORP Sensors, Models 2724 − 2726. These sensors feature a unique foul-proof DryLoc connector and robust Ryton® sensor body, providing expanded chemical compatibility for use in a wide range of applications.

Pilz  have now developed the decentralised I/O system PSSuniversal for connection to Profinet and Profinet safe. Profinet users can now also take advantage of the system's benefits.

Rotork has launched a revolutionary new electric actuator for the operation of process control valves.  The Rotork CVA range provides continuous, repeatable modulating control with a programmable fail to position option.  Operating on an industry-standard 4-20mA control signal or digital bus, the resolution, repeatability and hysteresis performance of the CVA is quoted at <0.1% of full scale, making it suitable for the most demanding applications.

L.J. Star has announced the release of an on-line engineering tutorial on sight glass technology as it applies to chemical processing and pharmaceutical processing. The free webinar begins with an overview of the essential aspects of glass, noting the various formulations used in chemical, food and pharmaceutical process observation equipment. Concentrating on sight glass selection, installation, and proper maintenance, the webinar explains how to safely and effectively use sight glasses in process applications ranging from standard lines to exceptionally demanding applications with high temperature, high pressure, and sanitary requirements. They also have available a 20-page application handbook which provides extensive technical information and guidelines for the specification, installation and maintenance of sight glasses in chemical and pharmaceutical processing plants. The illustrated "Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sight Glass Application Handbook" spans the full scope of the subject from descriptions of common glass formulations to design factors, to a step-by-step checklist for installation and maintenance.

Curvaceous Software has announced the grant of another patent in September 2008, this time by the Japan Patent Office for the control of multi-variables processes using a single Operating Envelope. The patent is about taking action in order to get the process back into the Best Operating Zone (BOZ) also known as Operating Envelope. The whole concept is based upon the innovative and highly acclaimed Geometric Process Control (GPC) technology, which is well-established and has already achieved success in problem-solving and process improvement applications with over 125 blue-chip companies. GPC identifies and models the Best Operating Zone (BOZ) of a process from existing data. The BOZ is defined by the multi-variable operating points that in the past produced the best performance. A multi-dimensional surface wraps around the set of points creating a multi-dimensional solid object, thus capturing, in geometry, all of the interactions between the ranges of all the variables. By operating the process wholly within this object the best performance results of the past can be repeated.  

Switching Handbook: A Guide to Signal Switching in Automated Test Systems - Keithley Instruments - This free 180-page sixth edition covers the fundamentals and latest technology of the switching function in test and measurement applications, providing useful, tutorial information on how to optimize switching test systems.
 Seven chapters are discussing topics including 
-The switching function and switching components
- Issues in switch system design
- Switch configurations by signal type
- Applications
Also, the handbook features three appendices, including a glossary of commonly used switching terms, switch card and switch module selector guides, and a discussion of safety considerations.

Yamatake to adopt a new group name – The azbil Group – Strengthening the focus on “human-centered automation” - Yamatake Corporation has announced that the Yamatake Group will be known as the azbil Group.

The Brazilian company SMAR Equipamentos Industriais has launched the SYSTEM302-7, a new version of its control and automation systems based on networks. “The new SYSTEM302-7 has its infrastructure based in Ethernet, a standardized communication protocol,” said César Cassiolato, SMAR marketing director. “Internet connectivity makes possible complete unit administration from a central control room, whether it is a local area network or in areas dispersed globally. The system’s totally digital platform supports several standard buses and protocols, including AS-interface, DeviceNet, Foundation Fieldbus, Hart, Modbus, Profibus DP and Profibus PA.”

PLC Turns 40 - The Programmable Logic Controller has turned 40 this year - Introduced in 1968, the Modicon PLC revolutionized machine control and changed the standard for performance and efficiency.

MTL Instruments, a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, and Byres Security Inc. have released a new loadable security module (LSM) for their Tofino™ Industrial Security Solution that discovers and identifies what devices are on the network and creates the firewall rules to control the traffic flowing to them, all without risk to the industrial process. This latest LSM, known as the Tofino™ Secure Asset Management module, locates devices and generates rules simply by analysing the traffic on the network.

Novel CMOS Image Sensor Provides Early Warning Road Safety - Melexis has launched its newest CMOS image sensor, the MLX75307. This sensor is specifically designed for automotive front vision applications, like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), high beam assist and night vision. It dramatically improves road safety by proactively alerting the driver of potential dangers. Due to the combination of high sensitivity, high dynamic range and low noise, industrial and medical applications may also benefit from this new technology.

The initials “ISA” remain the same — but what they stand for has changed. ISA’s Council of Society Delegates voted in their annual meeting in Houston to change the organization’s name to “International Society of Automation” by an overwhelming majority. The Council also approved a $15 per year dues increase to accommodate two Technical Division Memberships for individual members, and an updated policy on Section rebates.

K-TEK, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art instrumentation for level measurement, has announced the integration of ASI Instruments and its line of dry bulk solids level detection and measurement instruments into K-TEK Corporation. ASI Instruments will become the K-TEK Solids Level group. Get the full report here.

ICEbooks – Useful books and new releases related to Instrumentation and Control.

The ISA has recently announced the release of Foundation™ Fieldbus, 3rd Edition by Ian Verhappen and Augusto Pereira. Look closely and you may even find a reference to ICEweb! Ian Verhappen and Augusto Pereira, control systems engineers with a high level of experience involving Foundation Fieldbus installation, collaborate to provide a reference for gaining knowledge on H1 protocol life cycle, design considerations, installation tips, and commissioning. In addition they provide operations and maintenance tips that can be utilized by design engineers, control system engineers, and instrumentation technicians.
This third edition of Foundation™ Fieldbus has expanded knowledge on network design by covering power distribution and power supply requirements. It includes rules for cabling length, documentation requirements, a commissioning checklist, topology diagrams, system sizing formulas, and tips for integrating with other systems. This helpful resource gives an explanation of the variety of forms of Fieldbus Power Conditioners such as Fieldbus Intrinsic Safety Concept (FISCO) coupled with a range of configuration and troubleshooting tips.

Need some technical “know-how”? ICEweb has a page which details a selection of excellent Instrumentation, Automation, Control, Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology books from IDC Technologies. These can be purchased from ICEweb . Also detailed are other links to more useful references. 

IDC produces five brilliant comprehensive Engineer's pocket guides which are now available for you to download. Subjects include: Instrumentation/ Communications/Electrical/ Electronics/Conversion & Engineering formulas, you have to register but it is worth the effort! 

The ISA has announced the release of Control Valve Primer, A User's Guide, 4th Edition by Hans D. Baumann. - Baumann, a holder of more than 150 patents, and author of over a hundred publications in control valve technology, shares his expertise on designing control loops and selecting final control elements. The fourth edition of Control Valve Primer has been updated and significantly enlarged by adding sections on digital positioners, increased coverage of distributed control systems (DCSs) and smart positioners, a new hydrodynamic and cavitation noise estimate, updated standards to reflect latest IEC versions and a new chapter on seat leakage and seat material. Baumann says this book is intended primarily for novice instrument engineers who, even though they've been crammed full of feedback theory in college and consider themselves experts in computer programming, are suddenly faced with designing a process plant control loop. The easy-to-read text provides shortcuts through complex sizing and noise calculation formulas including for liquids and cavitation, and gives practical advice on how to apply control valves for safety, reduced energy costs, loop stability, and easy maintenance.

ICEbus - Information on any of the 26 different bus systems in use in the area of Instrumentation and Control.

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MTL first to provide full redundancy for FISCO - MTL Instruments, a part of Cooper Crouse-Hinds have announced a major enhancement to its class-leading range of Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO) wiring components for FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus networks with the introduction of redundancy. MTL are the first company to introduce redundancy for the FISCO concept, which will provide the highest level of reliability for critical hazardous area applications. Specifically, redundancy of the fieldbus power supplies will eliminate the risk of network failure in the event of loss of a single supply unit. Such redundancy has increasingly been requested by end users and engineering companies for fieldbus installations in which failure could result in severe loss of production.

The ISA has recently announced the release of Foundation™ Fieldbus, 3rd Edition by Ian Verhappen and Augusto Pereira. Ian Verhappen and Augusto Pereira, control systems engineers with a high level of experience involving Foundation Fieldbus installation, collaborate to provide a reference for gaining knowledge on H1 protocol life cycle, design considerations, installation tips, and commissioning. In addition they provide operations and maintenance tips that can be utilized by design engineers, control system engineers, and instrumentation technicians.
This third edition of Foundation™ Fieldbus has expanded knowledge on network design by covering power distribution and power supply requirements. It includes rules for cabling length, documentation requirements, a commissioning checklist, topology diagrams, system sizing formulas, and tips for integrating with other systems. This helpful resource gives an explanation of the variety of forms of Fieldbus Power Conditioners such as Fieldbus Intrinsic Safety Concept (FISCO) coupled with a range of configuration and troubleshooting tips.

Call for Papers

FF-EUC Aus Inc. Conference

Perth, Western Australia – 15th May 2009


“Foundation Fieldbus – the NEXT Generation”

This Foundation™ Fieldbus End Users Council Australia Inc (FF-EUC) conference will be an event which brings together international and local process control experts to present their experience around the theme of "FF - the NEXT Generation" which includes SIS and Wireless applications.

The call can be found at 

The WirelessHART™ Communication Specification (HART 7.1) has been approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as a publicly available Specification (IEC/PAS 62591Ed. 1). The National Committees of 29 separate countries participated in the approval ballot. WirelessHART Communication is the first industrial wireless communication technology to achieve this level of international recognition.

HART Monitors Extract Data from Smart Instruments - Simple Modules Expand Transmitter Usefulness - Greg Feliks - The HART digital signal often contains additional process measurements and other variables that may include instrument status, diagnostic data, alarms, calibration values and commands. In many cases, HART instruments were installed simply because they could be configured and diagnosed easily with a handheld HART communicator device. For a variety of reasons, the rest of the HART data often goes unused. One reason is because of the prohibitive cost of installing a plant-wide HART monitoring system. Another reason is the lack of familiarity with alternatives. A simple and cost effective solution for gathering HART information is to use a HART interface device only in the specific instances where it is needed most. Fortunately, HART interface devices, available from several manufacturers, make acquiring HART data a fairly simple proposition. This HART data is then made available to the control system via analog signals, discrete outputs or serial communications. From our valued sponsor Moore Industries-Pacific, Inc.

FDT/DTM - The most powerful way to release intelligence built in Smart Field Devices - Visualization of these diagnostics requires a graphical user interface which meets customer expectations for openness and the capability to be integrated in any system. The technology supporting these very basic requirements is FDT (Field Device Tool). FDT is developed and marketed by the FDT group, which is a group of leading automation suppliers to both the process and factory automation industries. Go to page 7 in  the link to get this article - From our valued sponsor Metso Automation.

Good for Maintenance - Even Better with Monitoring! - Ulrich Gensicke - FDT-based device and asset management software saves more than time and costs. To be competitive, high productivity and reliability are important factors. Use of an online diagnostic and monitoring system guarantees that all the functions of intelligent field devices can be exploited to the maximum - From our valued sponsor Metso Automation.

Introduction To EtherNet/IP - An in-depth discussion of the CIP protocol, explaining OSI layers and illustrating key concepts. EtherNet/IP (Ethernet Industrial Protocol) is traditional Ethernet combined with an industrial application layer protocol targeted to industrial automation. This application layer protocol is the Control and Information Protocol (CIP™). Thanks to Acromag and Automation World.

Ethernet on the Floor - There is a proper time and place for industrial communications deployment - Mark Fondl - There is no doubt about it: Ethernet continues to grow from year to year throughout the automation industry. But the real issue is why aren't users adopting it at a more rapid pace? From the InTech and ISA.

The Fieldbus Foundation has announced that it has registered the first Foundation fieldbus H1 cable - The new cable registration process provides greater assurance to automation end users that their wiring systems are suitable for fieldbus system operation. Belden, Northwire, Phoenix Contact and Rockbestos-Surprenant Cable Corporation (RSCC) are the first cable suppliers to pass the Fieldbus Foundation registration process.

The Fieldbus Foundation has announced the release of the final Foundation fieldbus Diagnostic Profiles Specification - Based on guidelines established by the NAMUR Working Group 2.6, this specification builds upon the robust diagnostic features already provided by Foundation fieldbus devices. At the same time, it allows end users to harness enhanced Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) technology to achieve true, actionable diagnostics.

The Fieldbus Foundation and ISA have announced an agreement to facilitate the implementation of wireless backhaul transport networks - This technology initiative is based on shared interests in serving the needs of end users and suppliers of wireless systems in industrial automation.

HART 7 Test Specifications Provide Compliance Verification for New HART Products - The HART® Communication Protocol Slave Test Specifications updated to the HART 7 standard provide standardised test plans to verify the compliance of HART products, to assist developers in producing a quality product and to ensure that the product will meet HCF compliance registration requirements. HART 7, the latest enhancement to the HART Protocol, enables many new capabilities for communication with intelligent field devices—and moves this field-proven technology into the world of wireless communication with the new WirelessHART standard.

HOT NEWS - The Fieldbus Foundation have announced a new white paper on Foundation Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) is available from its website. Foundation Fieldbus Safety Instrumented Functions Forge the Future of Process Safety - FOUNDATION Fieldbus Safety Instrumented Functions have been successfully beta tested and products conforming to the FF-SIF specification will be available soon. This means big changes for the safety system market and a change in the way end users will approach safety instrumented systems (SISs). It is very clear that end users want this technology and are striving to include FF-SIF systems in their project specifications. Many major end users will probably be specifying FF-SIF systems for their new projects starting in 2011.

ICEed - Educational links associated with Instrumentation, Control and Fire & Gas.

NEWSFLASH - Abhisam Software have announced a discounted rate for all e-learning products. The RFID and Gas Monitors courses will be available for just $69 and the Hazardous Area Instrumentation course for just $ 99!

Abhisam Software, a young knowledge based company set up to provide training to technical professionals by e-learning have launched new versions of their cost effective courses relevant to ICE personnel as follows;

Gas Monitors e-learning course. The Professional version is now available for direct download for just $100 US - Gas Monitors are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from ranging from semiconductor manufacturing, wastewater treatment plants, power plants, chemical plants and oil & gas production facilities. Millions of gas monitors work everyday in these places,  to warn personnel working in these places about potential disasters like leaking gases, explosive vapours or toxic emissions. If you are an Instrumentation  professional, safety professional, or a similar professional, working in any of these places, you would be certainly interested in knowing more about these instruments and to know how they can help you prevent disasters. Unfortunately, up to now, there was no single classroom training course, or e-learning course which could provide sufficient information, in an easy to understand way, how to select gas monitors, install them correctly and maintain and calibrate them, so that they continue to work well.

RFID e-learning course. A comprehensive training course on RFID, that makes a pro out of YOU,  without being away from home or office and without making a hole in your pocket! The Standard version costs just $69 US whilst the Professional version is now available for direct download for just $100 US.

Hazardous Area Instrumentation e-learning course. The Professional version is now available for direct download for just $150 US and covers; - Understand Area and Material classification.
- Understand the different standards used for hazardous areas, including the later regulations like ATEX.
- Understand different methods of protection such as explosionproof, Intrinsic Safety, Increased Safety, Pressurization and Purging, Non-incendive and some more methods too.
- Understand the implementation of Fieldbus systems in hazardous areas.
- Select the best method of protection for your application, in your plant or facility.
- Understand certification and labeling of instruments, learn what a label means.
- Learn how to maintain the safety and integrity of a hazardous area installation in your plant


Call for Papers
Are you a Professional in the Industry? IDC are looking for a number of presenters to submit an abstract and present their papers at any of the upcoming IDC Technologies Conferences.
Regional Forum: Electrical Engineering in the Top End - Darwin , Australia - 11/12 March 2009
Power Cables & Switchgear Forum - Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia - 18/19 March 2009
Pumps Conference - Brisbane , Australia – 12/13/14 May 2009

Certificate in Control Valve Sizing, Selection & Maintenance - Commencing 17th November 2008

This comprehensive certificate course covers the essentials of control valves and actuators. With this knowledge, the user is better placed to fully realize the full potential and benefit of any control system. Selections of case studies are used to illustrate the key concepts with examples of real world working control valves. This course is aimed at those who want to get a solid appreciation of the fundamentals of their control valve design, installation and troubleshooting.

ICEfolks - News about promotions and changes for people in the Instrumentation and Control Engineering World.

Please let us know of any personnel or other job changes in your organisation.

M. Berra, president of Emerson Process Management, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR), today announced a number of leadership changes to take place over the next few months. Effective Oct. 1, 2008, Steven A. Sonnenberg will become executive vice president of Emerson and business leader of Emerson Process Management, serving as president. Berra, who has been business leader since 2000, is taking a new role as chairman of Emerson Process Management to focus on strategic planning, technology, key customer relationships and organizational planning. More...

ICEJobs – Vacancies and Wanted

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A really great website for the latest news is the Read-Out Instrumentation Signpost.

Control Engineering have a great range of newsletters covering;

Are you into Hydraulics? Brendon Casey's Inside Hydraulics Newsletter contains loads of technical tips and money saving techniques.

ICEmerge — Mergers, acquisitions and news from the Instrumentation Control Engineering community.

FCX Performance Inc. has acquired North Coast Instruments, a distributor of electric actuators and related process equipment and provider of repair services in Ohio and surrounding states.

ICEnet — Internet Related Topics and Sites that may be of interest to our readers. In addition to ICEWEB that is!

Industrial network integrity- New-era industrial network communications require fresh skills and tools -Ian Verhappen and Eric Byres - If the reliability of the process rides under a veil of question and uncertainty, there is big trouble. With industrial communications networks playing a critical role in today’s control systems, it is vitally important these networks have the highest level of reliability possible - from the ISA and InTech.

Intrinsically Safe Ethernet gives access to Zone 1 and Zone 0 hazardous areas - MTL Instruments, a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds has announced the release of the 9400 Series Intrinsically Safe (IS) Ethernet range and the launch of an enhanced Power supply, 9491-IS incorporating MTL's patented Fast-Switch technology. The 9400 IS Ethernet range of hardware devices can deliver Intrinsically Safe (IS) Ethernet into
Zone 1 and Zone 0 hazardous areas.

ICEnew — Great new Technical Links posted on ICEweb.

ICEweb has developed the following pages thanks to our sponsor Prochem Pipeline Products;
Heat Tracing and Bundles - Heat Tracing, Bundles, Heated Hose, General theory, Applications and more!
Instrument Valves, Accessories, Enclosures, Sunshades and Supports 
Pressure Regulators - General Theory, Technical Papers, Maintenance, Applications and more.
Samplers - On-Line Samplers Liquid Samplers, Gas Samplers, Solids Samplers, Applications and more
Monoflanges, Instrument Manifolds - Technical Data, Specifications, Application Data, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and more.

Just click on the title header to go to ICEweb's super pages on each of the subjects.

Analysers - ICEwebs Analyser pages cover many types of analysers plus their associated sample systems.
OPC analyzer device integration draft specification - The release date for the OPC Foundation OPC Analyzer Devices Integration draft specification for review is in December. The OPC Foundation working group is working toward developing an information model for analyzer devices to allow plug-and-play multivendor interoperability - from the ISA and InTech.

Comparing Oil In Water measurement, Varying government regulations and Measurement Methods call for Standardization - Colin C. Tyrie, and Dan D. Caudle - There are several instrumental methods for measuring oil in produced water. None of them measure all the organic compounds in the water. Comparing what the commercially available methods actually measure will illustrate the problem of interpreting oil in water (OIW) analysis. From


Best Practice in Instrumentation & Electrical Engineering


PERTH , Australia : 22nd & 23rd April 2009


Are you an electrical or instrumentation engineering professional working in the Oil & Gas industry? We are looking for a number of speakers to present papers at this important industry event.  Register your interest today!


The overall objective of this conference is to share best practices and new technologies in instrumentation and electrical engineering in the oil and gas industries. We are especially seeking case studies and practical applications.  

To view the “Call for Papers”


For further information on this event or to discuss sponsorship opportunities Sarah Montgomery, Conference Manager:

Cables - Check out ICEwebs new  Cable Pages. We are looking for more technical papers on these and other Electrical subjects. 

Control Valves - A Control Valve Repository which just has heaps of great useful technical information.

Control Systems - Covering a vast array of technical subjects on Control Systems.

Advanced Process Control
Timely Advanced Control Upgrades: Recapture and Multiply Benefits - Andrew Taylor - This paper discusses the establishment of Advanced Process Control (APC) in refining, petrochemical and oil & gas production facilities and the various mechanisms which dictate the lifecycle of an APC application. The benefits of appropriate APC upgrades are examined with the key elements of a variety of case studies highlighted. The case studies cited include an APC technology upgrade and various APC revamps following process context changes (e.g. clean fuels refinery upgrades). The key elements in an APC lifecycle management program are proposed. from ProSys Engineering. See this and more Advanced Process Control papers on ICEweb's Control page.

Alarm Management
Alarms and  Trips: The Ups and Downs - While limit alarm trips are best known as a sure way to activate a warning light, siren or bell when a process problem occurs, they are also called upon to do much more. In fact, today’s highly flexible and versatile alarm trips can be found working in a wide range of applications, under an impressive list of pseudonyms. From our valued sponsor Moore Industries-Pacific, Inc.

Don't be Alarmed - Avoid unplanned downtime from alarm overload, use top techniques to improve alarm management - Gary Goble and Todd Stauffer - Alarm management is one of the most undervalued and underused assets of process automation. With process automation systems losing $20 billion to unplanned downtime, and with 40% of it attributed to preventable human error, alarm management has never been more important. An important factor lending itself to human errors is the cacophony of alarms, which preclude the operator's ability to respond quickly and correctly. Thanks to InTech and ISA.

Widely Anticipated ISA Alarm Management Draft Nears Committee Ballot - Research Triangle Park, NC (16 September 2008) – After evaluating a record 760 review comments from  industry experts, the ISA18 standards committee on Instrument Signals and Alarms plans one final review  cycle prior to submitting draft ISA-18.00.02  for committee ballot by the end of the year. The draft, “Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries,” has been the main focus for the ISA18 committee this year – eliciting a whopping 2,500+ comments in the last 12 months from end users, vendors, and other process industry professionals.

Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Logic Clarifies Operations - Statistical tool can give real-time predictive process fault analysis - Richard J. Fickelscherer, Douglas H. Lenz, and Daniel L. Chester -  A fuzzy logic based real-time diagnostic method called the Method of Minimal Evidence (MOME) uses first principle or statistical models, correlations, and experiential heuristics to define relationships between particular measured sensor data and assumed unmeasured process variables that describe normal process operation. From the ISA and InTech. See more on ICEweb's Fuzzy Logic page.

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Corrosion - Need to know about a corrosion issue? You are likely to find an answer in these pages.

Electrical - Many pages on the various Electrical subjects

The Following Technical Papers have been added to ICEweb's Electrical Motors page
 A Comparison of the Characteristics of AC and DC Motors -  As AC motors continue to be used in applications traditionally served by DC motors, some comparisons of the characteristics of AC and DC motors seem appropriate. The aspects of AC and DC motors which will be reviewed include typical construction, torque production, equivalent circuits, ratings (power and torque density), speed ranges, load ranges, etc. This comparison will also highlight some of the relative advantages and disadvantages of each type of motor in variable speed applications. In addition, looking at variable speed AC motors with a “DC motor mentality” can offer a more “user-friendly” understanding of these AC machines. This point of view can also suggest ways to optimize AC motors for variable speed applications. 
What Is Regeneration? -  When the rotor of an induction motor turns slower than the speed set by the applied frequency, the motor is transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy at the motor shaft. This process is referred to as ‘motoring’. When the rotor turns faster than the synchronous speed set by a drive output, the motor is transforming mechanical energy from the motor shaft into electrical energy. It may be a ramp to stop, a reduction in commanded speed or an overhauling load that causes the shaft speed to be greater than the synchronous speed. In any case this, condition isreferred to as ‘regeneration”. 
Drive and Motor Basics  - An adjustable speed drive is a device that controls speed, and direction of an AC or DC motor. Some high performance drives are able to run in torque regulation mode. 
Motor Load Characteristics -  Motor loads are classified into two main groups depending on how their torque requirement varies with operating speed. The following paragraphs deal with the various load types found in industry. 
Power Distribution Systems -  The type of transformer and the connection configuration feeding a drive plays an important role in its performance and safety. The following is a brief description of some of the more common configurations and a discussion of their virtues and shortcomings.
Dealing with Power Factor Correction Capacitor switching and AC drives - There are two significant concerns regarding the existence of power factor correction capacitors being located on the input of an AC Drive. One concern is the additional current loading that may exist in the capacitor. The other concern occurs when capacitor switching is used to adjust any variations in the power factor of the motor load.

Flow - These pages cover; Coriolis, Metering,  Multiphase, Orifice Plates, Ultrasonic, Thermal, V-Cone, Vortex and more!

Calculating for Calibration & Conversion-Factor Inconsistency

Let it flow - Measuring the flow of liquids in industrial plants is critical - In some operations, the ability to conduct accurate flow measurements is so important it can make the difference between making a profit and taking a loss. In other cases, inaccurate flow measurements or failure to take measurements can cause serious or disastrous results. Includes a flowmeter selection guide. Thanks to ISA and InTech.

Fire and Gas - Technical Papers covering many aspects of fire and gas engineering.

Abhisam Software have announced a discounted rate for all e-learning products. The RFID and Gas Monitors courses will be available for just US$69.

Hazardous Areas Instrumentation and Electrical Equipment - A huge technical library of Technical Information covering a wide range of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas.

Abhisam Software have announced a discounted rate for all e-learning products. The Hazardous Area Instrumentation course will now be available for just US$99.

Standards Australia have announced that the following Hazardous Areas Standards have been updated
AS/NZS 4761.1:2008 : Competencies for working with electrical equipment for hazardous areas (EEHA) - Competency Standards
AS/NZS 4761.2:2008 : Competencies for working with electrical equipment for hazardous areas (EEHA) - Guide to assessing competency
AS/NZS 60079.27:2008 Explosive atmospheres - Fieldbus intrinsically safe concept (FISCO).

Level - Technical Information covering a wide range of level subjects including General Theory, Capacitance, Displacer, Float/Magnetic, Radar, Ultrasonic, Boiler Level and more!

A new section on Sight Glasses has been added to ICEweb's Level Page - It includes the following technical information;
- Mechanically Prestessed Gas/Steel Sight Windows Resist Pressure and Impact Failure - An article from Chemical equipment and L.J. Star Inc.
- On-line engineering tutorial on sight glass technology as it applies to chemical processing and pharmaceutical processing. This free webinar begins with an overview of the essential aspects of glass, noting the various formulations used in chemical, food and pharmaceutical process observation equipment. Concentrating on sight glass selection, installation, and proper maintenance, the webinar explains how to safely and effectively use sight glasses in process applications ranging from standard lines to exceptionally demanding applications with high temperature, high pressure, and sanitary requirements.
- Are You Gambling with Your Sightglass? - Selection Strategies for When Failure Is Not an Option - Andrew Obertanec -Sightglasses are sometimes called “the weakest link” in a processing system because of the fragility of the glass. Actually, that’s not necessarily true. A sightglass need not be a weak link in a processing system because glass, when uniquely designed, is not necessarily fragile. Thanks to
-Technical Information and Guidelines for the Specification, Installation and Maintenance of Sight Glasses in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processing Plants - This illustrated "Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sight Glass Application Handbook" spans the full scope of the subject from descriptions of common glass formulations to design factors, to a step-by-step checklist for installation and maintenance. From L.J. Star Inc - You will have to register to get a copy.
Critical Standards for Specifying Sight Glasses - Sight glasses are highly engineered products. Although brands look alike, differences in their specs have tremendous importance for worker safety, sanitary processes, and maintenance costs. From L.J. Star Inc.

Pressure - Covers General Theory,  Technical Papers,  Transmitters, Regulators, Safety Tips, Blockage Tool and more Pressure Related Technologies.

Pressure Relief Valves - A very comprensive resource covering Technical Papers, Technical  Manuals, Engineering Handbook, Calculations, Sizing, Selection and Relief Design.

The following additional papers have been added to ICEweb's comprehensive Pressure Relief Valve Page thanks to our sponsors tyco flow control pacific 
- Reducing Pressure Relief Valve Discharge Noise to Acceptable Levels - From Crosby
- Selection and Sizing of Pressure relief Valves - Randall W. Whitesides - This is an excellent document - The function of a pressure relief valve is to protect pressure vessels, piping systems, and other equipment from pressures exceeding their design pressure by more that a fixed predetermined amount. The permissible amount of overpressure is covered by various codes and is a function of the type of equipment and the conditions causing the overpressure. It is not the purpose of a pressure relief valve to control or regulate the pressure in the vessel or system that the valve protects, and it does not take the place of a control or regulating valve. Proper sizing, selection, manufacture, assembly, test, installation, and maintenance of a pressure relief valve are critical to obtaining maximum protection.
- Minimisation Pressure Relief Valve Seat Leakage through optimisation of Design Parameters
- Pressure Relief "Grace Under Pressure" - Harry J Toups - This presentation is an excellent overview of Pressure Relief terminology, systems, design, code requirements, location  of relief systems, choosing relief types, backpressure, Pros and Cons of various types of relief valves and rupture discs, relief event scenarios, sizing of reliefs, typical calcs, chatter, worst case event scenario, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance and typical errors. From the Safety and Chemical Engineering Education Program.
- Pressure Relief Design - This resource from has a real "vault" of excellent technical articles including: 
- Relief Valve Set Pressures
- Relief Valves: "What Can Go Wrong" Scenarios
- Wireless Pressure Relief Valve Monitoring System Provides Significant Operational Benefits - Clifford Lewis - Recently, technology has been introduced that enables continuous monitoring of pressure relief valves using non-invasive sensors that communicate through a wireless radio link to a central data collection point.

Rupture Discs - Specifications, Standards, Technical Papers and Articles.

Bursting Disk Sizing
- When sizing of bursting disc safety devices in undertaken, it is important to consider not only the pressure relief devices but the whole of the pressure relief system so as not to reduce the relieving capacity below that required or adversely affect the proper operation of the pressure relieving devices. From Fike.

Test and Calibration - Technical Papers and Articles on  how to test and calibrate along with typical equipment.

Security - We all need to be much more today of security issues and the technology available to overcome them. 

Solenoid Valves   - A comprehensive Technical Reference

ICEweb's Solenoid page has loads of new super technical links thanks to our sponsor ASCO iincluding;
- Considering Valve Specification & Installation, Flow Control - Best Practices & Technology to Ensure Long-Term Performance - Matt Migliore - When specifying valves for a given application, it is important to first determine the intended function. A lack of functional understanding is often where valve performance issues begin. The user, rather than fully considering the application in which the valve will operate finds later on that the valve isn’t all that well suited to meet the needs of the job it is being asked to do. Thus it is worthwhile answering a few simple questions when considering a valve purchase.
- Solenoid Valve Technology,Technical Characteristics Function, Terminology and Construction types -A very useful overview of solenoid operation, construction, terminology and operating parameters
- Understanding Solenoid Valves - Solenoid valves are highly engineered products that can be used in many diverse and unique system applications. A brief overview of the components and functional varieties of solenoid valves  - from 
Solenoid Valves Trouble Shooting Guide & FAQ - A useful troubleshooting guide from solenoidvalvesuk.
- Solenoid Valve Common Symbols - From Connexion Developments Ltd
- Solenoid Valve Seal Basic Guide - Selecting the correct sealing material for your solenoid valve requires an understanding of available sealing materials. Seals are usually the most limiting factor of a solenoid valve. The seal selection should take the following items into consideration;
- Chemical properties of the media
- Temperature of the media
- Pressure to be used
From solenoidvalvesuk
- How to Specify Solenoid Valves for a Particular Safety Integrity Level - S.A. Nagy - Selection must be done with care and understanding of safety and reliability standards to avoid the risks associated with an operational failure of a critical plant system - thanks to

Surge and Lightning Protection - It will never happen to me? Don't you believe it...Globally, some 2000 on-going thunderstorms cause about 100 lightning strikes to earth each second!! This page provides a comprehensive range of links to help resolve the potential effects.

Lightning and surge protection in emissions monitoring - Donald Long - At any given moment, there are over 1,800 thunderstorms occurring - The 1,000-ft stacks at electrical power generating plants are huge lightning rods reaching up into the sky. The very same stacks, selective catalytic reaction (SCR) beds, ammonia injectors, and precipitators, only now carrying expensive nitrogen oxide/sulfur dioxide (NOx/SO2) emissions monitoring equipment and associated power and instrumentation cabling, take on nature's fury in the form of potentially 200,000-ampere bolts of lightning. How can one effectively deal with this phenomenon? How does lightning get into the continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS)? Is this the only form of surge? Is proper grounding the answer? Thanks to ISA and InTech.

Temperature - Covering a whole range of temperature measuring techniques along with General Theory, Conversions, Selection, Application this page must be your first choice when looking for quality technical information.

NIST’s Novel ‘Noise Thermometry’ May Help Redefine International Unit of Temperature - After seven years of work, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have built a system that relies on the “noise” of jiggling electrons as a basis for measuring temperatures with extreme precision. The system is nearly precise enough now to help update some of the crucial underpinnings of science, including the 54-year-old definition of the Kelvin, the international unit of temperature.

ICEwebs Valveweb page has been completely reworked to help you get to your required information quickly and efficiently.  Thanks to our sponsors tyco flow control pacific

Variable Speed Drives 
Check out ICEwebs new Variable Speed Drives Page. We are looking for more technical papers on these and other Electrical subjects.

ICEsafety — Information and news on Safety Instrumented Systems along with Health and Safety.

HIMA Australia are running a 4-Day TÜV FS Engineer courses in Brisbane 24th - 27th February and Perth 3rd - 6th March 2009 - HIMA’s functional safety course is a TÜV Rheinland Group certified training course for engineering professionals. The course focuses on functional safety for the process, oil & gas, and chemical industries according to IEC/AS 61511 and gives engineers the opportunity to certify their functional safety knowledge through TÜV.  

The Foundation Fieldbus End User Council Australia have issued a call for papers for Jump Aboard 2009 which will have the theme FF-SIS with sub-theme of a FF-wireless update. 

Pilz Australia have announced the release of a new all-in-one safety gate switch and interlock. This innovative interlock uses a non-contact transponder for the switching function and an electromagnet to hold the gate closed.

Safe motion is now available from the safety experts. Pilz have launched  a safety card for the servo amplifiers PMCprotego D, so that safety is integrated directly into the drive. When fitted with the safety card PMCprotego S, the servo amplifiers can provide a fully-fledged, safe drive solution with numerous safety functions, ranging from safe stop and safe motion functions through to safe brake functions. Users benefit from shorter reaction times, lower costs and new opportunities for co-operation between man and machine. With safe motion, Pilz is continuing to expand its drive technology and promote dovetailing of safety and standard control technology.

Flexible, Independent and Open - Pilz's PSSuniversal I/O system uses Profinet to communicate between safe and conventional instrumentation.

An Integrated Approach to Safety: Defense in Depth - Ensuring safety requires reducing the risk of incidents, faults and failures that can disrupt normal operations. This effort goes far beyond simply installing fail-safe controllers or a safety instrumented system. In fact, to mitigate the risk of serious incidents that can cause injury to personnel, equipment and the environment, it is important to consider safety from all aspects of a plant’s operation - From Honeywell - More great SIS papers can be found on ICEweb's SIS page.

ICEweb's Shutdown, ESD and Blowdown Valve page has been completely reworked and many more technical papers have been  added.

The Golden Rules of Risk Assessment - Frank Schrever - At its worst, the risk assessment is a bureaucratic time-waster that does nothing to make workplaces safer. On the other hand, following five golden rules mean risk assessments can be both functional and lifesaving. From Pilz and Manufacturers Monthly. 

Process Safety what are the Odds? - Enhancing a safety system's ability to perform on demand requires improved diagnostic coverage, maintenance, and regular testing. From

Equipment, don't fail me now - Calculating failure probabilities works better with systematic approach - Peter Morgan - One step in this approach is calculating the target probability of failure on demand (PFD) for the system. Because calculating PFDs for repairable systems commonly seems complicated, the approach does not curry favor with the average control and instrumentation specialist; some manufacturers defer the design analysis to others or they do not do it at all. But there is benefit in the approach for designing general protective systems in addition to meeting the mandatory requirements for a SIS. From the ISA and InTech

Stricter Safety Control - ChExpress reports that China ’s cabinet has urged the country’s chemical plants to tighten work safety control following another fatal blast.  The call to action includes a request to meet specific safety and environment standards.  The cabinet no longer wants disqualified technicians or institutions providing designs for technical upgrades at chemical factories.  The cabinet also said that it will punish those enterprises failing to fix any major hidden safety hazards beginning next year.


ISA discusses Safety Instrumented Systems Issues - The various safety standard committees have been meeting at the ISA, this link reports on some of the discussion.

HOT NEWS - The Fieldbus Foundation have announced a new white paper on Foundation Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) is available from its website. Foundation Fieldbus Safety Instrumented Functions Forge the Future of Process Safety - FOUNDATION Fieldbus Safety Instrumented Functions have been successfully beta tested and products conforming to the FF-SIF specification will be available soon. This means big changes for the safety system market and a change in the way end users will approach safety instrumented systems (SISs). It is very clear that end users want this technology and are striving to include FF-SIF systems in their project specifications. Many major end users will probably be specifying FF-SIF systems for their new projects starting in 2011.

ICEtools— Software and offers that will help with engineering design.

Really excellent free tools to help you in your job and at home can be found on ICEweb’s “Tools” page.

Convert Word 2007 Documents to Word 2003 - Although it has been kept pretty much a "secret" Microsoft has provided a compatibility kit to convert Office 2007 files to be compatible with earlier versions. See more tools like this on ICEweb's tools page.

Spoofing of Your Domain Name and What to Do About It - Here at ICEweb we are being troubled by spoofing and apologise to anyone who gets spam which appears to come from one of our email addresses which actually isn't. Spoofing is an illegal practice of using someone else’s domain name or email address as the sender or reply to address on an email note. This is a common practice used by spammers and it is illegal as detailed in the US Federal Can Spam Act of January 2004. This link from McCord web design gives a good run down on what you can do about it if it happens to you.

The Australian Communications and Media authority website states...If you receive these kinds of messages, it is unlikely that the spoofing is directed against you or your company. This activity is usually random. Your name or business will not be black-listed as a spammer as a result of spoofing, as authorities and anti-spam groups who take action against spammers have access to 'header information' that shows where an email has come from. This information indicates that you are not the sender of the spam and are not responsible for it. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done about spoofing. The problem will usually stop after a few weeks, without you taking any action.

ICEwireless – News and technical links to Industrial Instrumentation Wireless items of interest

The following wireless links are thanks to our sponsor Abhisam Software

RFID Case Study ebook -This excellent 61 page technical reference has details on 25 different RFID applications from around the world. The password to the document is "abhisam". .

Sponsor Abisham Software have provided The world's first FREE RFID e-learning course which is a no obligation , no strings attached, absolutely free RFID course, that can be downloaded to your own PC and you can view it without any restrictions at all! Plus it's a REAL e-learning course, NOT somebody's stale Power-Point presentation! It has plenty of flash based animations, graphics and text, with a self-assessment test. The visuals help you learn key concepts QUICKLY and EASILY.

The HART Communication Foundation has developed a specialized receiver to test and analyze WirelessHART™ radio transmissions. The Wi-Analys Compliance Verification Receiver is a significant technology advancement—a tool critical to the development and compliance testing of WirelessHART devices. The new Wi-Analys receiver allows companies designing wirelessly enabled HART devices to fully test and analyze their WirelessHART radio transmissions.

The WirelessHART™ Communication specification (HART 7.1) has been submitted to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for approval as a Publicly Available Specification (PAS). Released in September 2007, WirelessHART is the first open and interoperable wireless communication standard designed to address the critical needs of the process industry for reliable, robust and secure wireless communication in the real world field environment of industrial plant applications.

ISA100 Progresses on ISA100.11a Draft Standard and Expands Work into other Key Areas of Industrial Wireless - Following up on its decisive summer meetings in Nice, France, the ISA100 standards committee has released for committee ballot its draft standard, ISA-d100.11a. The ballot closes prior to ISA EXPO 2008, where ballot comments will be reviewed in detail. During the summer meetings, the recently approved WirelessHART Convergence Subcommittee, ISA100.12, held formative sessions to define membership guidelines, review and revise subcommittee scope, assign tasks to subcommittee task groups, and discuss preliminary deliverables. The subcommittee will initially address convergence of the ISA100.11a standard and the WirelessHART specification.

WINA, the Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance have launched a new website -  Until now, there has been no single resource that provides wireless networking information for industrial applications, making research a challenge for end users because of the fast pace of technology advances, new applications, and standards. WINA's website opens the lines of communication for the Association's work on wireless solutions by industry and by application, and has the capability to keep members of industry informed about standards developments and upcoming technical conferences through forums, discussion boards, and webinars.

Network, Organize Thyself - Industrial environments could benefit from reliability of self-organizing wireless networks - Gabe Sierra, Dan Carlson, Bob Karschnia, and Brandon Robinson - When process personnel hear the term wireless instruments, they immediately think, great, no wires. But how do you know if you are receiving good data on time, every time? To go a step further, what are the limitations of self-organizing wireless network reliability, and where should you apply it in a dynamic industrial environment? Can wireless field devices ever be reliable enough for today's complicated industrial environments - from ISA and InTech.

Radio Theory De-Mystified - Brian Cunningham - With increasing demands placed on plant managers to reduce operating costs, wireless is presenting attractive alternatives to buried cable and conduit runs. The issue at stake in choosing this alternative is reliability, and trust must be established before users will confidently invest in this technology. This paper discusses the different types of radio that are currently in use with a focus on spread spectrum in process control applications. An explanation of how a radio works is followed by a discussion of fixed frequency, direct sequence spread spectrum, frequency hopping spread spectrum and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technology. Emerging radio standards are reviewed and there is a section on how to interpret specifications and how they differentiate one radio's performance from another. Classes of criticality for wireless applications will be studied. Range determinations, interference mitigation and multipath are addressed, along with issues surrounding the multitude of frequencies in use and the advantages and disadvantages of each - from the Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance.

One for the farmers! GreenPeak Technologies, an ultra-low power communication technology company for wireless sense and control applications have announced a new remote soil moisture monitoring application. Their Spanish integrator Sensing&Control have developed an application where EC-5 soil moisture probes from Decagon Devices – a world leader in the measurement of water activity and soil moisture monitoring in vineyards or greenhouses – can wirelessly transmit their measurements in open field agricultural applications to remote monitoring sites. The PeakNet LPR solution reduces the energy consumption in the access points in large networks, so they no longer require power lines and can run on energy harvesting or have a very long battery life. Low power routers are mounted throughout the field to allow the formation of an extremely large wireless mesh network. By using the GreenPeak LPR stack, none of the routing nodes have to be defined as powered routers and consequently the network backbone no longer has to be powered. This is achieved by using smart power-up/power-down and duty cycling synchronization techniques. By organizing the network in this synchronized way the energy consumption for each router is reduced to a fraction (<1%) of what it normally would be, allowing for an infrastructure that can run on energy harvesting without any maintenance or on batteries for a long time. Every node is connected to three soil moisture probes that gather information at 10cm, 20cm and 30cm depths below the surface to report the soil moisture within the rooting zone of the crops. This allows the farmer to accurately monitor soil moisture levels which are crucial to understand water uptake by the roots and to assure proper irrigation decisions. The hourly measurements are stored in the nodes, sent to the coordinator of the wireless network and then the collected information is transferred via GPRS on a daily basis to a remote office. 

Emerson Process Management have announced the expansion of its Smart Wireless solutions with the release of the Extended Range Antenna, available on Rosemount® 3051S, 648, and 702 transmitters with WirelessHART output.  Oil and gas industry users and others operate facilities where measurement points are separated by long distances, making wiring and powering of measurement points expensive.  As a result, users are not able to monitor the performance of these points.  The extended range antenna option provides a cost-effective way to access this information by increasing the distance between self-organizing points up to a half mile (2600 ft). 

ICEtime¾ Seminars, Tradeshows, Conferences and Events of interest to our readership.

If you would like to have your event listed in ICEtime, please send a note or press release to ICEnews.


5 - 6 Active RFID, RTLS & Sensor Networks - Sheraton Dallas Hotel - Dallas, TX United States


10-12 — WBF 2008 European Conference - Barcelona , Spain  


12-13  ISA Process Analytical Technology Conference Tutorial & Exhibition - Holiday Inn International Airport, 2650 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202, United States


18 - Safety Automation Forum - Nashville, Tennessee - Gaylord Opryland Center


17-19 — Brazil Automation - ISA Show 2008, XII International Congress of Automation, Systems and Instrumentation, Expo Center Norte – São Paulo – Brasil  


26-27 - Boiler & Burners Conference: Design, Management and Operation - Perth, Australia  




3 - 4  -   OMAC Integration Symposium - Total System Evolution: Emerging Technologies for the Advancement of Machine Automation and Control - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA





11 - 12     Regional Forum: Electrical Engineering in the Top End - Darwin , Australia  


18 -19     Power Cables & Switchgear Forum - Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia




12-14 - Greening the Power Industry: Using Technology to Address Environmental Impacts & Business Opportunities - The 19th Annual Joint ISA/POWID/EPRI Controls and Instrumentation Conference (also the 52nd Annual ISA POWID Symposium) will take place 12–14 May, 2009, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Chicago, IL. 


15  - "Jump Aboard 2009" Foundation Fieldbus End User Council Australia - Perth Australia - More details soon!


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They have e-learning courses on the following subjects:

E-learning course on Gas Monitors

E-learning course on RFID

E-learning course on Hazardous Area Instrumentation

M-learning course on RFID.

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Well recognised by such brand names as Circle Seal Controls, Hoke Gyrolok fittings and Go Regulators, CIRCOR International Inc is a leading supplier of valves, related products and services to a wide range of users who require precise, efficient and safe fluid control systems.  For over 125 years they have been providing a complete array of fluid control products and technologies to a highly fragmented industry. 

For more information go to 

Honeywell Analytics Fire and Gas Detection  

The Honeywell Analytics group of companies provides gas detection solutions in industries where potentially hazardous chemicals and gases exist.  A full range of fixed gas, portable gas and flame detection equipment is available for the measurement of flammable gases, toxic gases and oxygen concentrations.  The company provides design, development and manufacture of electrochemical, catalytic and infrared sensors, along with Chemcassette technology, placing the company at the forefront of innovation. The company offers solutions to increasingly difficult gas detection and monitoring applications.
They also offer project management for specialized fire and gas systems, a global network of service centres and 24-hour on-line technical support.

For more information go to



The Grimwood range of flanged immersion heaters can now be manufactured to provide hazardous area protection for users in the Asia Pacific region. Depending on the location and operating environment, units can be made in either carbon steel or stainless steel. The benefits of using locally designed and manufactured product fully complying with hazardous area requirements are shorter supply chains and lead times and quicker, clearer communication.



Prochem is Australia’s leading supplier of quality stainless steel piping and mechanical instrumentation products. They are agents for a huge range of instrumentation products including Hoke Gyrolok, Hoke Instrumentation Valves, Circor Tech Products, Go Regulators, Circle seal, Atkomatic Solenoid Valves, Classic Filters, Manual Sample Systems, King Instrument Company , Hoke Pipe Fittings , Anderson Greenwood Instrument Valves , Anderson Greenwood Primary Isolation Valves , Pacson Valves and ATC Actuators, BSM Valves, O'Brien Tracepak and O'Brien Analytical, BuTech , Stainless Steel Tube, Saddles and Leak Check , Teflon Lined Braided Hoses. 


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