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Alphabetical Listing of Links

A B C holds a new and quite impressive collection of Internet-based maintenance related information. Besides this maintenance 'portal', Bi-Cycle is also a maintenance data warehouse and analysis tool.
US Bureau of Reclamation
US Bureau of Reclamation - The Water Measurement Manual
A terrific US Government Water Resource Research Laboratory reference site with a full water measurement manual.

Cole Parmer has just loads of technical information covering Biotechnology, Electrochemistry, Environmental, Food quality, Fluid handling, Laboratory, Safety and Temperature Measurement and Control- This is a GREAT site!

Electricians Toolbox Etc - This site has a wealth of information on electrical issues.
Electronics Basics - Everything that you would want to know about electronics basics on this site by provides links and information on Safety Instrumentated Systems
Fieldbus Foundation.
This is the site of the foundation which has been set up to oversee the development of the fieldbus communications standard. Lots of great technical information detailing the concept and news of the standards. The site also has news about Beta test sites etc.
Fieldbus Inc
This useful link has papers and other details on Foundation fieldbus
The Fieldbus Reference List by R.A. Hulsebos
If you thought there were a lot of networks that call themselves "fieldbus", look here...


The HART Book
HART protocol - The HART book-This online manual from "" provides technical and other information on HART.
Health and Safety Executive
The comprehensive website of the Health and Safety Executive in the United Kingdom, lots of high quality HSE data from all walks of life on this site.
Hydraulics Design Guide:
Comprehensive hydraulic information and specifications along with links to many hydraulic companies.
IDC has a huge range of technical engineering information covering Data Communications and Networking, Electrical, 
Electronics, Information Technology, Instrumentation, Automation, Process, Mechanical Engineering and Project and 
Financial Management.
You will have to subscribe but the effort is worth it,  please let IDC know that you found them via ICEweb.
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Institution of Electrical Engineers UK.
This site has a wealth of information about the institute

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Institute of Instrumentation and Control, Australia.
A site which has some good data on instrument and control issues/news in Australia. 
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The Institute of Measurement and Control UK.
A very new site from the UK institute. 

The Institute of Measurement and Control New Zealand

Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society..
The site of the world's largest instrumentation and control society.

Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins University - Signals Systems Control Demonstation
Ideal for Control Engineering students

Easy Engineering Conversions and a smart calculator available on this site
Microlink Engineering Solutions
Technical Notes and Tutorials
Lots of really good technical information here from Microlink Engineering Solutions


National Institute of Standards and Technology
WOW this site has everything that you wish to know about uncertainty, constants and units!

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This is a super site with loads of free technical information on subjects such as Intrinsic Safety/Temperature/Thermocouples/Pressure/Starin/Force/Flow/Level/PH/ Conductivity and Data Acquisition.
Periodic Table
Interactive table from the University of Sheffield in England
Personal PLC Tutor
Your Personal PLC Tutor
This excellent site contains very comprehensive technical information about Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).
Plant Maintenance
Plant Maintenance Resource Centre
This site has a number of useful maintenance management and technical articles pertaining to maintenance.
Light my Pump 
Light my Pump is a comprehensive site covering pumps and pump systems. It includes calculations, trouble-shooting, videos 
of interesting experiments with fluids, tutorials and more!


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Readout - A useful Instrumentation and Control resource site based in Ireland with heaps of information and links.
Relcom Inc.
Relcom Inc Fieldbus Page
A super Fieldbus wiring and installation guide
Sensors Web Portal
The biggest sensor related Internet resource and International Frequency Sensor Association web site - This site has a wealth of sensor technical information.
TIMEZONES What time is it around the world? Two great links here and here
TUV Global
TUV provides links to more Safety Instrumentated Systems Information


University of Michigan

University of Michigan - Control Tutorials for Matlab
Ideal for Control Engineering students.

The Virtual Library Engineering Catalogue